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Garden Editorial

Wow Today my international publication with @jutemagazine turns 4 years!!!!Holy Cow 🐮 Where has time gone??🙈Thank you Facebook memories for reminding me😹♥️ {Magazine: @jutemagazine Vol.VIIIpart2 📸Photography: @snapsstudio ğŸŽ¨MUAH: @muatonyyanez (myUncle)

✨Creative Director: @amandagift (She got inspired by my #Veganism and all my props were Organic and I eat them all😹Your the best Amanda!!!)

💁🏽‍♀️Model: @creestaaal @veganmakeupshare } {Just A Little Note: @tartecosmetics Is a 🐰Cruelty-Free Brand certified by @peta Let it be noted that Tarte Cosmetics’s Parent company is KOSÉ a Japanese PC who does test on animals. Although Tarte itself does not sell their products in the Chinese market where Animal Testing is required. I personally stopped supporting Tarte once the Acquirement happened because unfortunately the brand and PC couldn’t answer my questions and as you can see I was a huge customer which unfortunately for them made me withdraw my support from their products💔

If a brand cannot answer their own customers questions/concerns regarding their Acquirement in my Personal opinion that just sucks!We live in a capitalist world&unfortunately most brands will continue to sell out to the same PC we are boycotting.Whether it be food, makeup&clothing.Yes it’s very frustrating!Its a Catch-22(“a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”)

For the animals we are trying help.

I say support your indie brands& truly Cruelty-Free&Vegan brands first&if you want to make our lifestyle accessible4everyone else then you can support the others if you want.Progress over perfection.Do whatever you can.We all have different situations happening inour lives}

WetNWildBeauty 2018 Product Launch

WetNWildBeauty 2018 🌱Vegan-Friendly Product Launch Guide

WetNWildBeauty just Launched their NEW Campaign called ➡️Breaking Beauty which will be challenging the norms in the beauty industry starting January 2018.

As many of you know WetNWildBeauty is a 🐰Cruelty-Free beauty brand.

Before goingvegan I used TONS of WetNWildBeauty becauseit was accessible. 9 years ago I started living a vegan lifestylebut not till 2012 when I startedmodeling I realized that beauty products were testedon animals and that lashes and brushes had animal fur.

That’s when @veganmakeupshare was born on instagram.

Sooooo here’s your 🌱Vegan&🐰Crueltyfree guide to WetNWildBeauty NEW2018 ProductLaunch.

Color icon eyeshadow collection Eyeshadow Single ➡️ Sugar

➡️ Nutty

➡️ Mesmerized

➡️ Panther

➡️ Brûlée

➡️ Envy

Eyeshadow Quad

➡️ Lights Out

➡️ Hooked on vinyl ➡️ Walkingon eggshells 10-Pan Eyeshadow

➡️ Comfort Zone

Glitter single

➡️ Bleached ➡️ Nudecomer

➡️ Groupie

➡️ Brass

➡️ Toasty

➡️ Spiked

➡️ Karma

Dewy face primer

➡️ Till Prime dew us part

Mega last lip color

➡️ Never Nude ➡️ Rose the matter

➡️ Smooth Mauves

➡️ Violets Kiss

➡️ Black Out

Mega last liquid catsuit metallic lipstick

➡️ Once in a bronze moon 🚨 Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walmart

Mega last liquid catsuit matte lipstick

➡️ Behind the bleachers ➡️ So noir cool

➡️ Lavender Crown

➡️ Toffee Talk

➡️ Loose change

➡️ The shade is teal

➡️ Caramel Cake

🚨 Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walmart stores

Pro brush line

➡️ All Brushes are 🌱Vegan&🐰 Crueltyfree

Mega cushion Foundation SPF15 ➡️ All are 🌱Vegan&🐰Crueltyfree Mega Glo Hello halo liquid highlighter

➡️ Go with the Glow

➡️ Guided Glow ➡️ Goddess Glow

➡️ Halographic

➡️ Halo, Goodbye

➡️ Halo Gorgeous

🚨Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walgreens

🚨🚨🚨 All products listed are available on WetNWildBeauty website starting today!

🚨🚨🚨 Starting January 2018 in all your local major food stores, drug stores, and mass retailers unless otherwise stated.

Thankyou sooo much WetNWildBeautyfor having us at your breaking beauty productlaunch event 🖤

Don’t forget to tag me to your pictures because I would love to see what everyone gets!!!!! Hopefully this guide helps everyone 💗

– Creestaaal Sanchez aka @veganmakeupshare

🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Black-Friday,Cyber-Monday Promotions🚨

@Veganmakeupshare’s Guide part1

Well I’m Tofurky Stuffed but can’t wait for my pumpkin vegan cheesecake😹🙌🏼

🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Beauty Guide Part1

Vegancuts (100%Vegan&Cruelty-Free brand)

Vegan&Crueltyfree Beauty Subscription box

Vegan&Crueltyfree Makeup Subscription box

Pacifica Beauty (100%Vegan&Cruelty-Free brand)

20%off Spray Perfume

20% off Roll-on perfume

30% off Solid Perfume

40% off candles

Free sampleswhen you spend $25

Free shipping after you spend $50

Pacifica Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty (Cruelty-Free beauty brand with TONS of Vegan-Friendly products)


BlackMoonCosmetics (100%Vegan&Cruelty-Free brand)

30% off everything

Free US Shippingon orders of $100

International shipping $15 Flat-rate


JohnnyConcert (100%Vegan&Cruelty-Free Brand)


Melt cosmetics (Cruelty-Free brand with tons of vegan friendly products)

Free priority shipping on orders of $75


Feral Cosmetics (100% Vegan&crueltyfree Brand)


Dose of colors (Cruelty-Free brand with tons of vegan-Friendly products)


Ella+Mila (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)

EllaMilaCryptic Cosmetics (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)

Dearest Crypt Kitties and Crypt Keepers,

BLACK FRIDAY STARTS NOW! 50% OFF our Matte Lip Veils (excluding bundles) and for the first time ever, our Cryptic bag is now $5.00 off!

Sale ends November 27, 2017 at 11:59 pm PST

Love and Happy Holidays,

Depechegurl & the Cryptic Cosmetics Team


Fairygirl (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)


Dermae (100% Vegan& Cruelty-Free Brand )

30%off site wide+ Free gifts

Code: Dermae30BF


Wet’N Wild Beauty (Cruelty-Free brands with tons of vegan-Friendly products)


Real techniques ( Synthetic brushes )

Real Techniques

Eco tools (Synthetic tools)


MakeupMonsters (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)


Ugly by nature (100% Vegan &Crueltyfree Brand)

Ugly by nature

LimeCrime (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree)


JefreestarCosmetics (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)


LaMav (100%Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)


EcoTan (100% Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand )

Sign up to the newsletter and get 20% off

Free Worldwide shipping

Eco Tan

Modern Minerals ( 100% Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)

25% off on full size products

Code: Friendsgiving

Hank and Henry beauty ( 100% Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand )

HankAndHenryEvery man Jack ( 100% Vegan&Crueltyfree Brand)


You have finished scrolling through @Veganmakeupshare’s 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Beauty Black Friday/Cyber Monday Guide Part1 unfortunately I cannot fit every promotion into one big guide because fortunately for you there’s Tons of deals this season 😹 Note: These deals are not in any order. Will be posting Part 2 in a little bit!

Your friendly neighborhood Animal lover

-Creestaaal aka @Veganmakeupshare

VeganCuts Makeup box 


Hey guys!!!! I recently received VeganCuts ➡️Summer Loving Make-Up box in my mail box and I couldn’t be more excited about it!!! Reason being is that I looove 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Makeup!!! Hence why I choose to name myself Veganmakeupshare on Instagram bahahahaha 😹

I was very excited to receive a new makeup canvas baggy because to be honest….. my dermae eco-makeup baggy got destroyed after one year of putting too much stuff in it🙈

Sooo this summers ğŸŒž Vegan makeup box includes 

➡️ Pacifica Beauty -Rainbow Crystal Liquid mineral strobe!!! Which I actually have swatched on here before 🙈  this is Pacifica’s  NEW highlighters!!! Quick tip apply only what you need because they dry fast!!!!

➡️ Vegan Beauty Sticker which I just put on my cellphone!!!!Yassss I did!!!

➡️ Aunaturale -PrimeRose Organic Lipstick 💄 

Soooo for these lippies I have found that most are very sheer but buildable!!! 

➡️Emani Cosmetics -Tantalizing Eye Trio

This trio is beautiful and can be anyone’s go to natural look!

➡️ Manna Kadar cosmetics -Prime time&Lip primer

I used it on my eye lids paired with Emani cosmetics eye trio and it worked pretty well!

The reason why I love Vegan Cuts Beauty and Makeup subscription boxes are 

➡️ 100% 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free 

➡️ You get to test out different products and find new brands every time!!!

Thank you VeganCuts for sending me this subscription box to check out!!!

If you’d like to get your own 🙌🏼you can subscribe at  âž¡ï¸ Vegan Make-Up Box

And get  a little discount and use my referral code! Only if you’d like! I just became a VeganCuts ambassador after 9 years of supporting this company . This is my ambassador affiliate code, I get a very small percentage from each purchase. You don’t have to use my referral link only if you’d like to support me❤️Thank you!

➡️ VeganCuts Beauty Box

➡️ VeganCutsMarketPlace

➡️ VeganCutsSnackBox

Thank you for your support and time!

Love you lots Creestaaal 

 Instagram:➡️ @veganmakeupshare

Vegan Cuts

ğŸŒžGoodmorning IG FamilyğŸŒž

After 9 YEARS of purchasing from @VeganCuts and really loving what they are about 💓, purchasing from their marketplace and being a subscriber to their Vegan Beauty box🙌🏼 I have decided to become an official brand ambassador 🙌🏼

@vegancuts Has provided me with a few ambassador referral links. I get a very small percentage from each referral❤️and you get a small discount!!!! ➡️You don’t have to use my links unless you would like to support me. Thank you very much!❤️

As always I’m 100% transparent with you all✨

➡️I been HESITANT for YEARS of saying yes to becoming a brand ambassador and using Referral and affiliate codes for YEARS! And YES even not charging a rate for my modeling work!!!🙈 I know right… Because let’s be honest😫some people out there don’t care and will try to SELL you anything so that they can make money!!!! Some huge YouTubers, beauty bloggers, beauty influencers content creators definitely do this!!! I won’t be able to quit my full time job at all & ofcourse I’m not relying on this to survive bahahahaha 😹but it would be nice to for ONCE in my life to do all my research,blogging and modeling work and actually get some percentage to atleast buy kitty litter every week with 😹

➡️ Vegan&Cruelty-Free Beauty Box
 âž¡ï¸ Vegan&Cruelty-Free Makeup Box

 âž¡ï¸ Vegan Snack box 

➡️ MarketPlace

Instagram ➡️ @veganmakeupshare
Public page:


Private page:
Crystal Sanchez

YouTube ➡️ Creestaaal


Expo West Highlights Flashbacks!

Expo West

Natural Expo West

Exhibitors list
This year I attended Natural Expo West👍
I’ve attended three years in a row and it continues to be an amazing learning experience👌
I love going because I get to meet my favorite Vegan companies!!!
The years before I attended to help out a company 🌱.
This year I went as Press📹.
While it is always a fast paced environment I got a few highlights for everyone!!!.
Expo West Haul


Vegan Food Highlights
Follow your heart 💖


Choose your Cheese!!!


Follow your heart was personally the first ever vegan food company I found when I decided to go vegan! At the time Follow your heart only had Vegenaise
Look at all these amazing yummy products!! They are now Available at your local
👉 Sprouts
👉 Whole foods
👉 Fresh and Easy


This was the best ” Subway” sandwich ever!!! I tried all the new cheeses and I need them all in my life!
👉 American
👉 Garden Herb
👉 Mozzarella
👉 Provolone

With my first Vegan love



Sweet and Sour Pork less bites!
I looove them 💖💖💖💖



Gardein’s Crabless Cakes!!!!
If you love sea food and have been thinking of going vegan these are a must!!!


I love their Fish fillets 👌

Daiya foods


Daiya foods highlight was their new!!
Greek style yogurts!!!
👉 Black cherry


Mac N cheese 👌


Daiya foods also announced they have reformulated their vegan cheese for a better texture!!
Sweet Earth foods




Sweet Earth foods is a vegan friendly company with the best vegan burritos!!
You can purchase them at your local Target in the frozen food area.
Uptons Naturals


Jack fruit everything!!!
Upton’s Naturals are coming out with so many Jackfruit meat alternative products!
Beyond Meat


Beyond meat photo both!
As always Beyond meat came out with amazing products!!! An amazing Vegan Patty🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🌱





I 💖 Dandies!!!
Dandies marshmallows came out with minis!


Thank you everyone at Chicago vegan foods I love you lots 💖💖💖💖


So Delicious


The best vegan ice cream ever!!
Cashew Ice cream!!!


Vegan Protein shakes

Vega One


I went to go say hi to Brendan Brazier and found the legendary Robert Cheeke!


Got some of my favorite Vegan body building goods!!!
Thank you Brendan Brazier💖


Thrive Fwd


Thrive Magazine!

Vegan Smart


Vegan Smart a new company!!!
I’m in love with their Chai!!! Reminds me of horchata💖👌


I also found Bad Ass Vegan!!!

Vegan Beauty

Pacifica Beauty


I found Pacifica Beauty which is one of my all time favorite Vegan + Cruelty- Free companies!!! I really do loooove Pacifica!!!
Pacifica Beauty was one of the first companies I started wearing before I went Vegan!!
Now that I been Vegan I buy everything that Pacifica Makes!! I get my Vegan beauty products at my local Target and Ulta beauty!!!


New! For your brows!


New Matte Eye shadows!!
New bronzers! And New blush!!!



Thank you so much Pacifica Beauty for these amazing goodies!!!


My Pacifica Beauty Look with all the vegan and Cruelty- Free goodies!! All posts will be on @VeganMakeUpShare IG!

Thayers Natural Remedies


Thayer’s Natural Remedies is a cruelty free company with Vegan friendly products my favorite product is Rose water toner👌


I also saw!!! derma.e!! Love their  vegan skincare products


I also saw Kaeng Raeng Love their masks!


I also saw Soapbox! Love them!

I also was able to chill with
The Vegan zombie!!! Who has a cookbook now!!!
👉 The Vegan Zombie

And also with Tim! From 7 Generations!
Check out his Project
👉 Proyecto Huella
I missed a lot of Vegan companies due to that I went the last day of the Natural food expo! Which is unfortunate but I had sooo much fun attending this year and cannot wait to attend next year’s Natural Food Expo!!! I would love to meet every Vegan and Vegan friendly company next year!!!


Trust Fund Beauty💅

Sex Tape + I had it first 💅image

Awwww Thank you sooo much!!!!!ğŸ’–ğŸ’•ğŸ’žğŸ’“ Trust Fund Beauty 🌱🐰
For sending me your favorite 5! Vegan and Cruelty-Free 5-Free from:
👉 Toluene
👉 Formaldehyde
👉 Lead
👉 Nickel
👉 Phthalates
💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅💅(Left to Right)
👉 The Money Shot
👉 Serial Spender
👉 I had it first!
👉 Sex Tape
👉 Virgin?
💅 I had it first!! As a base coat (2coats) The money shot on the nail tips (1 coat)



I rarely wear natural or light colors because I’m a very bright earthling bahaha😂 I decided to give this combo a try for a more pastel life anddddd guess what?!?! I looooved them!!!!
👉 I had it first! Is a very very light pink almost white! And it matches everything☺
👉The money shot is basically bling bling! A mix of silver and gold bling👑


👉 I Had It First


👉 The Money Shot


Next I tried a new combo for my next two weeks! That’s right!!! You read it right!!! This vegan and cruelty-free nail polish lasts two weeks on me with me doing my daily activities👌

👉 Sex Tape📹 (2 coats) Base Coat
👉 Serial Spender💲💳 (1Coat) ombre tips
I love following them on instagram they make me laugh so hard!!!😂


I’m seriously in love with Sex Tape!!!!


Sex Tape is a different type of pink!
I have lots of pinks but this pink is unique👌 This pink compliments any colors worn


Front packaging of TrustFundBeauty Nail polish 💅


Back packaging of Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish💅


Even Leo loves the packaging💖😻


👉 Sex Tape
Trust Fund Beauty just launched their new website💻 and has a lot of new nail polishes!!! Now they are 7Free


They also launched their new Trio sets!!! And are having a summer SALE!!


I been eyeing lots of their nail polishes!!! But what I would really love to try next would be there Nail polish remover!!!


It comes in a bottle or


In wipes!!!!
👉 Nail Polish Remover


👉 Vegan🌱
👉 Cruelty-Free 🐇
👉 Last 2weeks!
👉 Lots of shades to choose from
👉The Nail polish Names make me laugh so hard
👉7 Free
👉 Beautiful packaging
No con’s


Make-Up of the day

July 12, 2015 Live Vegan Smart Event and Ringling Bros protest.


I was going for a natural look and then as always I couldn’t help but add a bold matte lipstick💄
Here’s how to get this look😆
I started off with…
Mi Face:
Lady Bug Jane’s🐰🌱 Luxe lotion in coconut as my primer for my face.
👉 LBJ Luxe Lotion
👉 Previous blog post review on LBJ


👉Next I applied CoverFX 🐰🌱Natural Finish Oil free Foundation in N35


👉 CoverFX N35
👉Next I Used CoverFX cream concealer in N Medium


👉 CoverFX N Medium
👉After that I blended my vegan 🌱and cruelty-free🐰 make-up with the original beauty blender🐰🎨


👉 Original Beauty Blender
👉Next I applied my bronze Bahama mama


With Zabana Essentials 🐰🌱On my cheeks
👉 Bronze bahama mama
👉 Previous Blog post review on Zabana Essentials
👉 Used Milani Cosmetics🐰 Baked bronzer in 04 Glow all over my contour areas


👉 BakedBronzer 04
👉 Previous Blog post review Milani Cosmetics
👉 To highlight the right area’s I used E.L.F.🐰 baked eye shadow in Enchanted


👉 ELF Enchanted
🎨 Blend!!!


👉 I used Anastasia Beverly hills🐰
Dip brow pomade in chocolate🍫


👉 ABH DipBrow
👉 I used Ardell Lashes🐰 Black Wispies


You can purchase your ardell lashes at your local:
With Ardell waterproof white glue
👉 I decided to try the new 100% pure🐰 Vegan Maracuja mascara in Black Tea


I put this mascara over my synthetic falsies and real lashes.
👉 Maracuja Blk Tea Mascara
Eye shadows:
I blended 🎨two different eye shadow companies together to get that look!
👉  Power of Love eye shadow pallet on entire lid.
You can purchase at your local Target
👉 Previous closeup ILovePacifica of Power of Love Pallet.
👉 LunaticksCosmetics 🌱🐰Relic pallet on crease
LunatiCk Cosmetics
👉 I used Pacifica Beauty’s 🌱🐰Natural eye pencil in bare


👉 Natural Eye pencil Bare
Lip prep:
👉 As always I use Lady bug Jane’s 🌱🐰
Lip balm to prepare my lips for any lipstick whether its matte or creamy.
I apply the lip balm 20 mins before applying my new lipstick.


👉 LBJ lipbalm
Last but not least I ended up wearing my new Jeffree Star Cosmetics🌱🐰 Velour liquid Lipstick!!!💄
It took over 2weeks to arrive!


👉 JSC 714
The only problem I had was that I had to apply this velour liquid lipstick 2xs and 4 layers each time. I received a defective product which I will be contacting JSC today. The formula is usually amazing and lasts all day.
What I currently have on my hair is Manic Panic in Blue steel.

If you recreate my look I would love to see it!!!💜💖💞 please tagg
👉 @VeganMakeUpShare
👉 #veganmakeupshare

Lady Bug Jane

Lady Bug Jane



About LBJ:


One Choice, One Step, One Change
👉 Creation of LBJ


Photography 📷 by: Melissa Schwartz
For VgirlsVguys and The Vegan Revolution

👉 Jane Graves



👉 LBJ Animation

Lip balms



👉 Lip Balms
My favorite Everyday Lip balms are the Flavors Pomegranate, Strawberry 🍓and Cherry🍒!!!! They are part of my daily routine!!! And I simply cannot live without them!!! Every time I run out of them I literally start crying because without these lip balms or “ChapStick’s” I feel incomplete! No joke! I take them everywhere I go. I looove the flavor of each.. And I legitly(yes I made up a word) eat them when I put them on my lips and I cannot help myself because they are Soooooooo good! Maybe that’s why I run out so quickly😁!!!!!!!!
I loveee! The scents they give out and its the reason why I tend to start eating them!! Lady bug Jane is no joke the best lip balm I have ever tried. Not only does this lip balm heal my lips and by heal I mean restores my lips from me constantly pulling  off the lil skin on my lips…  Its an anxiety thing a lot of people do unconsciously.
But it makes my lips look fuller and gives out this clear shine.
On top of that my lips feel amazing!!!


Lady bug Jane products are currently only in a few Sprouts at the moment!!! But if you cannot find them order online its completely worth it!!! I stand by LBJ all the way because I 💖LBJ
I still need to try all the flavors and will eventually buy them all!!!! But for now I’m stuck on my Strawberry, Cherry and Pomegranate favs!!!
Lip Gloss


👉 Lip Gloss
I continue to purchase LBJ Sweet Strawberry Lip gloss because I 💖🍓!!!!!
I still need to try the Wacky Watermelon🍉
Luxe Lotion


👉 Luxe Lotions


I love coconut! So when I saw The new!!! Luxe Lotions I was dying to take a trip to LA just to get my hands on it!
I looove the smell of this lotion to me personally it triggers memories of cupcakes bahaha!!!
Its part of my daily beauty routine as well! I love that it actually hydrates longer than any lotion I have tried even in 100 degree dry weather. I personally want them all!!
I also love that this lotion you can use it everywhere!!! That’s a winner right there!
👉 Vegan
👉 Cruelty-Free
👉 Actually works
👉 Smells amazing
👉 Taste amazing
👉 Organic
👉 Vegan owned
👉 Locally made
👉 Can be purchased online
👉 Constant Sales😁
👉 Vegan Certified
👉 Sold in select Sprouts only

I Love Pacifica

Pacifica Beauty
I 💖💝💜💓❤💕💞💟 Pacifica Beauty!!!!! Honestly I’m a huge fan!!!!
I’ve bought like every product they have ever made!!! That’s how much I💖Pacifica!


Thank you Pacifica Beauty💖
I’m fan girling!!!! Sorry!!! Bahaha


Power Of Love
Coconut Infused Mineral eye shadows
I love this Eyeshadow pallet!!! 😍




I love these Coconut eye shadows because they are a bit creamy compared to all the others and I love the color play they give🙆




My new Favorite Mascara!!!! I was already using Pacifica’s Abyss mascara but after trying this one I definitely found a new fav!



Look at them Bristles!!!!!!


I loveee this Natural Eye Pencil!! In jet! Another favorite not pictured is in Bare (I love to put it on my waterline)
I love to smudge this pencil eyeliner at the bottom of my waterline.


(Look of the day style: Something more Grunge)
👉Pacifica’s Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation in Medium
👉 Dreamlit under eye brightener
👉Power Of Love Eye shadows
👉 Stellar Gaze Mascara
What I recommend for starters:


I’ll be entering asap the Pacifica Muse contest as soon as I can get all equipment to start my YouTube channel!!!! I’m super excited!!!
If you’d like to enter:
👉Pacifica Muse


A Muse!!!




Why would I Love to enter?:
I’m entering Pacifica’s Muse Contest to continue to inspire and spread awareness about Living a Vegan 🌱and Cruelty-Free🐰 Lifestyle!!!! Also now that I’m actually looking at the Grand Prize
👉 $10,000 in cash!!! It will def pay my Vet bills!!!!
👉One year supply of Pacifica of products💄💅 Yesssss please!
👉Omfg!!!! Shop at Ulta, Target!!!.. Umm.. Shhhh…  @VeganMakeUpShare will have a Big Pacifica GiveAway!!!
👉Meet Brook!!!!!! That would be a dream come true!!!
👉Ooohhhh be Muse2016!!!🎠 👑And  professional Video Recording!!! All this sounds like an amazing Dream!!! Soooooooo I suggest everyone to join this amazing opportunity!!!!!! Don’t let it pass you by!!!! What would you do if you won the Grand Prize??!?
To check out Pacifica Beauty
👉Pacifica Beauty