🌱Vegan for the Animals


How I became Vegan

I was born into a family, culture and a tradition where meat needs to be consumed or your family thinks something is very wrong with you!!! As a young child I loved animals, I had every pet you can think off:) I enjoyed each animals company and loved and nurtured them. Growing up in middle school( La Merced Intermediate school in Montebello, CA) I started to realize that I really loved animals and asked myself why I continued to eat them. I asked my parents why do I eat them if I love them? (As many parents who came from a very traditional Mexican background) simply just answered.. “Because God put the animals here for us to eat “.

Hence why I created @hispanicvegansofig 🙌🏼
Years later(2004)we moved from Montebello California for a more affordable house to Riverside,California and that’s when my life started to changed. I had encountered many outreach pamphlets in the years that followed in various locations( WarpedTour, LA, OC, ).
I personally struggled knowing that eating animals to me just felt very bad, I started disliking the taste of Meat trying to cover it with ketchup or lemon at family gatherings.
The Oregon trip in 2006 ( Medford Oregon) was the most beautiful trip I ever took,i felt more connected to the Earth. I accidentally ran into Andy Hurley @Hurleyxvx

and all of FOB) from the famous band Fall Out Boy( I was in love with the Band Fall Out Boy )and had an instant crush on him because he was different, after finding out he was Vegan I became very curious, at that point in time I only had heard of Vegetarian.
My senior year in High school ( Valley View High school) I meet A dude (why mention my ex? Because regardless of what happened he did make a difference in my life) it was always a “Hi, how are you “, and him giving me pamphlets( vegan outreach, peta, zines).
The end of 2008 was a very rocky year By 2009 at the age of 19 I would stop eating meat and would get introuble with my strict parents, they where just scared about my health. Skipping all the drama I endured. I made the choice that I was going to Go Vegan for the rest of my life and even tho life has been rocky ( sooo many rough days) so many times, Going Vegan was just the start for me.
Now July 2014 I have been Vegan (vegana) for a little over 6 years!!! It wasn’t hard for me once I made the choice, if anything going Vegan was just the start for me.
Veganism has launched me into the right path in my life, the way I see life is way different than what I used to see life say 10yrs ago, I’m Vegan for the animals, I’m vegan for the Earth and I’m Vegan for my health.
Now 2015 I have accomplished Starting a Modeling career though it may be hard at times, I have followed one of my dreams from when I was a child.

I have also created @veganmakeupshare

In hopes to end animal testing.



Ringling Brothers Protest Ontario, CA 2015

Photography📷 Direct Action Everywhere

Photography📷 Steff26X


Ringling Brothers Protest LA Convention Center 2015


Photography📷 Warren



Ringling Brothers Protest San Diego,CA

Anti- Vivisection

Progress For Science
Photography📷: Sarah Jane Hardt


We Are All Earthlings March
August 24


Photography📷: Sarah Jane Hardt


Photography: Peter Foto


Farmer Johns Slaughter Home March to close all Slaughter Houses
Sign/Photography: Marlaina Mortati


Trophy Hunting Ban Canned Hunting
Photography: Artist Kerry



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