šŸŒ±Vegan for the Animals


How I became Vegan

I was born into a family, culture and a tradition where meat needs to be consumed or your family thinks something is very wrong with you!!! As a young child I loved animals, I had every pet you can think off:) I enjoyed each animals company and loved and nurtured them. Growing up in middle school( La Merced Intermediate school in Montebello, CA) I started to realize that I really loved animals and asked myself why I continued to eat them. I asked my parents why do I eat them if I love them? (As many parents who came from a very traditional Mexican background) simply just answered.. “Because God put the animals here for us to eat “.

Hence why I created @hispanicvegansofig šŸ™ŒšŸ¼
Years later(2004)we moved from Montebello California for a more affordable house to Moreno Valley California and that’s when my life started to changed. I had encountered many outreach pamphlets in the years that followed in various locations( WarpedTour, LA, OC, ).
I personally struggled knowing that eating animals to me just felt very bad, I started disliking the taste of Meat trying to cover it with ketchup or lemon at family gatherings.
The Oregon trip in 2006 ( Medford Oregon) was the most beautiful trip I ever took,i felt more connected to the Earth. I accidentally ran into Andy Hurley @Hurleyxvx

and all of FOB) from the famous band Fall Out Boy( I was in love with the Band Fall Out Boy )and had an instant crush on him because he was different, after finding out he was Vegan I became very curious, at that point in time I only had heard of Vegetarian.
My senior year in High school ( Valley View High school) I meet A dude (why mention my ex? Because regardless of what happened he did make a difference in my life) it was always a “Hi, how are you “, and him giving me pamphlets( vegan outreach, peta, zines).
The end of 2008 was a very rocky year By 2009 at the age of 19 I would stop eating meat and would get introuble with my strict parents, they where just scared about my health. Skipping all the drama I endured. I made the choice that I was going to Go Vegan for the rest of my life and even tho life has been rocky ( sooo many rough days) so many times, Going Vegan was just the start for me.
Now July 2014 I have been Vegan (vegana) for a little over 6 years!!! It wasn’t hard for me once I made the choice, if anything going Vegan was just the start for me.
Veganism has launched me into the right path in my life, the way I see life is way different than what I used to see life say 10yrs ago, I’m Vegan for the animals, I’m vegan for the Earth and I’m Vegan for my health.
Now 2015 I have accomplished Starting a Modeling career though it may be hard at times, I have followed one of my dreams from when I was a child.

I have also created @veganmakeupshare

In hopes to end animal testing.



Ringling Brothers Protest Ontario, CA 2015

PhotographyšŸ“· Direct Action Everywhere

PhotographyšŸ“· Steff26X


Ringling Brothers Protest LA Convention Center 2015


PhotographyšŸ“· Warren



Ringling Brothers Protest San Diego,CA

Anti- Vivisection

Progress For Science
PhotographyšŸ“·: Sarah Jane Hardt


We Are All Earthlings March
August 24


PhotographyšŸ“·: Sarah Jane Hardt


Photography: Peter Foto


Farmer Johns Slaughter Home March to close all Slaughter Houses
Sign/Photography: Marlaina Mortati


Trophy Hunting Ban Canned Hunting
Photography: Artist Kerry



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