The Vegan StraightEdge Model
(Photography: Snapsstudio
Muah: MuaTonyyanez
Model: Creestaaal)

The Vegan StraightEdge Model

When I was a little child I always dreamt of walking in runways, doing photoshoots, being on stage and of course having different colored hair, piercings and yes even tattoos.
I always told my mother that I wanted to be a Modelo (Model)
But not the regular kind.
I started making my own fashion trends at school.
Even in elementary school I was always in the office because I wouldn’t wear my uniform “The Right Way” Bahahaha! :).
In middle school I wore Black eyeliner and started sewing my pants into what now they are called “Skinny jeans”.
Back in the day I was bullied and constantly made fun of because of the way I dressed.
Clearly Nothing much has changed except I’m still StraightEdge, and now Vegan.
I decided to start my modeling career to continue to spread awareness about the Vegan Lifestyle in hopes that I can Save many Animal lives.
Follow me on my new Adventure as I Struggle to be a free lance model sticking to my beliefs.


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