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Vegan Corpse Bride

A Corpse Bride

( Photography/Muah: @Makeup_mars
Model: Creestaaal
For: @makeup_mars / @VeganmakeupShare
Products:E.L.F Cosmetics,
Tools: Furless Cosmetics)

@Makeup_mars Take on Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

By @veganmakeupshare “All Vegan & Cruelty-Free Makeup used!By @makeup_mars “This is my entry for a Tim Burton contest!! I used my sister @creestaaal  as a model i hope that’s okay! I painted her as the one and only Emily as Corpsebride 💀❤ Tim Burton

Vegan Make-up Products:

On face:
E.L.F 150 ELF Studio Geometric eyeshadow Pallet
E.L.F Geometric Pallet
Utopia from Lime Crime
LimeCrime Utopia
Brushes used:
Furless Cosmetics
Furless Brushes
& E.L.F Cosmetics
E.L.F Make-up Brushes

(Photography/Mua: @makeup_mars
Model: Creestaaal
For: @makeup_mars / @VeganmakeupShare Instagram
Note: Please give all credits we worked really hard on this little project and it sucks seeing it posted in other websites and social media networks without any credits to us Thank you.)
White eyes

(Photography/Mua: @makeup_mars
Model: Creestaaal
For: @makeup_mars / @VeganmakeupShare Instagram
Note: Please give all credits we worked really hard on this little project and it sucks seeing it posted in other websites and social media networks without any credits to us Thank you.)

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Garden Burger

Garden Burger

(Quick Photo by Creestaaal

Garden Burger!
Black Bean Chipotle Vegan Patty!
Bought this lil gem at my local Super Target in Moreno Valley, California. Sale: $2.18
Found in the frozen section next to the Gardein!! Anyways!

Cooking: @Colbaaar
For: @Hispanicvegansofig)

This VEGAN patty( Carne Alternativa) is super bomb! I highly recommend it!
Ingredients: Ingredientes:
* Roasted Garlic: Ajo
*Caramelized White onions: Cebolla
* Daiya Cheese: Queso alternativo
*Lettuce: Lechuga
*Bread ( Vegan friendly): Pan de barra
Garden Burger( carne alternativa Vegana) comparada en mi Super Target local! Por $2.18 en especial!

(Quick Photo for

Jalapeños added with fries:) #CarbthefuckUp

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Simple Burrito!!

Simple Burito!

(Photography/Cooking: Creestaaal
For @Hispanicvegansofig)

Simple Burito
*Tortilla de maiz
*Frijoles de la hoya
* Jitomate
*Queso Alternativo de Daiya Foods
Daiya Queso

*Mantequilla Alternativa de Earth Balance
Earth Balance Mantequilla
* Mayonessa alternativa de Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart Mayonesa
Note: Are you a Latino/a
Hispanic/ Vegan?
If so follow my Food Ig:
To spread awareness about veganism

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Quick info on Lanolin

Lanolin Horror

(Image found on random Google search. Edited for @VeganmakeupShare)

Say No to Lanolin

Lanolin is a sheep by product ( Any Animal by product isn’t Vegan) which means its Not Vegan Lanolin can be replaced with plantbased oils!

What is Lanolin

Lanolin is in the sheeps wool and its a form of protection for the sheep against temperatures and insects. So the Sheep definitely need their lanolin & wool. The wool industry is very cruel to sheep:(.

Mulesting quick link

Here’s a quick list of ingredients you should avoid that are Lanolin:
(Sheep by products)
Lanolin is Everywhere So Watch out for these Crucial Ingredients

* woolwax
* woolfat
* sterols
* LanolinAlcohol
* Laneth
* IsopropylLanolate
* LanolinAcids
* Lanogene

Lanolin by products are in ALOT! of Beauty Products
Unless the company is Vegan or has Vegan friendly products

Hope This Helps!


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Interview with ArtistryByArielle

Artistry By Arielle

(Image by: Artist by Arielle
Creestaaal image by: Snapsstudio)


VMS: Whats your ig name/s? @artistrybyarielle and @scarielle_   VMS: Why did you create your second ig? I honestly feel like my cat and food posts are pretty boring, so i created my artistry page just for my work. Not everyone can apperciate a few good cat photos and a horrible 15 second punk concert video.  
VMS:What’s your real name Arielle.
VMS: Are you vegan? You bet!  How long?  3.5 years. 
VMS: Why did you become vegan? I was suffering with allergies (that had no real cause) and major chronic fatigue. I was also a vegetarian for 8 years. It was just time to make the move. For the animals, the planet, and myself.  VMS: What does Cruelty-Free mean to you? No animal ingredients, no animal testing. Plain and simple. 
VMS: What’s your other social media? i also have a website
VMS: What’s your favorite color? Turquoise
VMS:Where are you based from? Orange county, CA. (santa ana)  VMS: What are your current vegan product favorites? Coverfx cc cream, emani highlighter.

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Interview with TheCraftyPinUp

The Crafty Pin-Up

(Image provided by: The Crafty Pin-Up
Creestaaal image by: Snapsstudio)


VMS: What  is your Instagram accounts/Name? My IG name is @Thecraftypinup.
VMS: What is your Name? My real name is Megan Keossaian.
VMS: Are you Vegan? Yes, I am vegan. I’ve been vegan for the last year. And I was a vegan for a year-  two years ago.
VMS: Why did you choose the compassionate lifestyles? meat became flesh and not food in my mind. I decided to cut it out and stop adding demand to the meat industry. Less money= less murder.
VMS: What does Cruelty-Free mean to you?Cruelty free means that it does not cause harm to anyone or anything. I am 100% cruelty free with my makeup, my skincare, haircare, and household cleaners.
VMS: Do you have any other social networking media’s? Facebook- but it’s just for family and friends.
VMS: What is your favorite color? My favorite color changes a lot. Right now, it’s orange. Either pumpkin or tangerine.
VMS: Where are you based off from/ location? I was born in Portland, Oregon but I live in Los Angeles, CA now.
VMS: What are your current favorite Vegan products/ Vegan companies/ Vegan Make-up? My current absolute favorite vegan products are Celestial facial moisturizer by Lush, 9 to 5 cleansing lotion by Lush, all the liquid to matte lipsticks by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and every piece of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makeup that I can get my hands on. ❤️

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What is Carmine?


(Image random goggle search.
Edited for: @VeganmakeupShare)

Would You Put Insects in your FACE????

Do you eat insects?… Do you wear insects? Did you know Carmine also known as:
* Cochineal
* E120 Carmine
* E120 Cochineal extract
* CI 75470
(E120: Carmine, Carminic acid, Cochineal. Origin: Natural red food colour isolated from the insects Dactylopius coccus, living on different species of succulents. E120(i) is the pure colour, whereas E120(ii) is the crude extract.)
What Exactly Goes on?

Natural red food colour that is isolated from the insects(Cochineal) Dactylopius coccus, living on different species of succulents.
E120(i) is the pure colour,
is an insect that is crushed alived to put in EYESHADOWS, LIPSTICKS, EYELINER, BLUSH, LIPGLOSS, FOUNDATION, MASCARA basically alot of makeup companies include it in their beauty products( Except if they are an all Vegan and Cruelty-Free company! Or have vegan friendly options!)
Did You know?
It takes 700,000 Female Cochineals to be crushed alived to make 1 pound of red carmine. There’s lots of Earthlings who are allergic to Carmine worldwide. Obviously Carmine isn’t Vegan. So watch out for it!
It’s in many food products as well, and in clothes dye.
Hope this quick information can help you!!!
Social media #-taggs without Carmine:

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Younique Fiber 3D Mascara Isn’t Vegan!


(Image from Younique.
Edited for @VeganmakeupShare)

Younique Fiber3D Mascara

Today’s #veganmakeupshare is about #Younique #fiber3dMascara, it’s NOT #vegan!! many representatives
Literally All The Time!
on all my Accounts swear to me that their company is an all vegan& #crueltyFree
(Younique has a few vegan friendly products) No its not, in specific this #mascara here isn’t Vegan because it contains #naturalpropolis ( #Beeswax ) Ingredients below: (taken from
Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Transplanting Gel Ingredients: Water, Beeswax(Natural Propolis), Carnauba (Brazilian palm glue), Iron Oxide Cl 77499 (Black), Collagen (Is it animal derived?), Acrylates Copolymer, Nylon, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol. .23 FL OZ / 7 mlNatural Fibers Ingredients: 100% Natural Fibers taken from Green Tea. Net WT .02 OZ/ .5g.Trending Younique Looks Featuring Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Copyright © Younique, LLC. 2014. All rights

Education And Information:

It’s Very sad that many representatives don’t know WHAT IS VEGAN!!! & What is not Vegan.
Which is confusing soo many new vegans, and other Earthlings.#VEGANISM is a lifestyle( You choose) that avoids exploitation or cruelty to animals( sentiment beings,heart beats, blood,etc), we don’t wear, eat, support or partake in ANY Cruelty, & animal by products because we choose to boycott all these industries for the animals. #fiber3dmascaraNotVegan #beeswax #beeswaxisntvegan

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Interview with The Vegan Taff

The Vegan Taff

(Image provided by: The Vegan Taff.
Creestaaal image by Snapsstudio)

United Kingdom Vegan Lifestyle’s Blogger

VMS: What are your ig name/s?My Instagram name is @thevegantaff

VMS: Do you have a second Instagram account?I only have one Instagram account, I did create a second a while ago but found that I was neglecting one for the other, so decided to merge them.

VMS: What is your real name?My real name is Kelly Palmer (like off King of Queens).

VMS: Are you Vegan?  I am vegan, and very proud of it too, it’s the only label I’m happy to carry.

VMS: How did you become vegan?I became vegan around 10 years ago, after being vegetarian for 15 years. I’ve always been an ‘all or nothing’ type of person, and once I started looking into animal welfare and the dairy industry more, I just couldn’t contribute to it any longer. I regret not doing it earlier though.

VMS: What does Cruelty-Free mean to you?To me, cruelty-free means causing the least harm possible, whether that’s to animals, insects or people. A lot of companies are claiming to be cruelty-free but still sell in China, where animal testing is required by law, that’s just not right! Being vegan in a non-vegan world can be very difficult, but I believe we can all do better, and every day I try to do the best I can.

VMS: What other social media’s do you run?  I have accounts on Twitter, Pinterest and a Facebook page for my blog, all of them are @thevegantaff. I also have a personal Facebook account and my Google+ account is under my name, Kelly Palmer ( is a link to my Google+).

VMS:What is your favorite color? My favourite colour is purple, as you may already know if you’ve seen my blog (

VMS: Where are you based from? I am based in South Wales, UK.

VMS: What are your top Favorite Vegan& Cruelty-Free products? Trying to narrow my favourite products down from the masses I use is really difficult. I couldn’t be without Bubblegum lip scrub from Lush, Lemon and Lime lip balm from Heavenly Organics, 9 to 5 cleanser also from Lush or any of the B. skincare range from Superdrug. If we’re talking about make-up there is so much, but I love ELF, Autograph lip products and the CC Cream from GOSH.

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Interview with Vegan Beauty Review

Vegan Beauty Review

(Image provided by:VBR
Creestaaal image: Snapsstudio)

VBR Sunny!

VMS:IG name/S – @VeganBeautyReview (blog account) @Sunbundelicious (personal account)
VMS: Why did you create a 2nd IG acct? I wanted to have a vegan beauty, foodie, kitty-centric Ig account for all of my blog followers and a more personal, home-style one, mainly for pics of my lil' munchkin man. 🙂
VMS: What is your Real name: Sunny 
VMS: Are you vegan? How long? Yep, I'm old school – I've been vegan almost 15 years! 😉
VMS:Why did you go vegan? I went vegan after watching @PETA's undercover factory farming videos.
VMS: What does cruelty-free mean to you? Cruelty-free means living a life with regard for other sentient beings. I abstain from eating or using animals in any capacity. 
VMS:Other social media? – Blog:; Twitter: @Vegan_Beauty; Facebook:; Pinterest: @VBReview; YouTube: 
VMS: What isFavorite color?: Fuschia!
VMS:Where are you based? Oakland, CA
VMS:Current favorite vegan products? Aahh, I have a long list, but I'll try to keep it short. My top 5: @strawberryhedehog's natural deodorant, @AcureOrganics Argan Oil + Mint facial cleanser, @LilyLoloUsCanada's vegan mascara, @shoplvx nail polish (I'm gaga for all of their shades), and @ellovi Tinted Lip Butter!

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