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Kat Von D Beauty 🌱Vegan-Friendly List 


KVD Beauty has transitioned to an all🌱Vegan-Brand
🛑Kat Von D Beauty is a Cruelty-Free Company 🐇 With Many 🌱Vegan-Friendly Products 🙌🏼 Below Is the List of all their 🌱Vegan-friendly products

Check out all the 🌱Vegan-Friendly products!!!!
➡️ KVD Beauty #VeganAlert Link 

(click on the link that directs you to the KVD Beauty Site List was provided by KVDBeauty Website )

KVD Beauty Brand is part of the 

➡️ Kendo Holdings

🛑Kendo is independent of Sephora.

🛑KVD Beauty is completely and utterly free of all animal testing in all forms(YAY!!!)🙌🏼

🚫Parent Company Does not test🙌🏼

🚫3rd Supplier that the Company chooses to work with do not test on animals.🙌🏼

🚫Any and all Ingredients suppliers do not test on animals.🙌🏼

🛑 KVD Beauty ➡️ FAQ

(Link from KVDBeauty website check it out⬆️) 

🛑 Kat Von D has told me herself through Instagram that she is facing out all Non-vegan products out so that KVD Beauty Brand can become 100% 🌱Vegan& 🐰Cruelty-Free Forever 🙌🏼 Because The Kat Von D has been Vegan for a little over a year now check out her YouTube Video: KatVonD YouTube 📽 

Vegan&Cruelty-Free Guide to GenBeauty L.A2017

(Picture from Ipsys Instagram)

Hey IG Family❤ Here’s is my 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Guide to 2017 @ipsys #GenBeauty Location: L.A

🐰Cruelty-Free Companies with 🌱Vegan-Friendly products:










@tartecosmetics (parent company Kose)

@NYXCosmetics (parent company L’oreal)

🌱100% Vegan Companies:

@ilovepacifica (COME AND VISIT ME🙌🏼💕)




Hope this helps anyone who’s attending 🙌🏼Love you lots💕❤ 

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➡️ @Veganmakeupshare

Imats L.A Event

Imats L.A was sooooo fun!!!

@imatsofficial L.A 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Make-Up of the day was: @katvondbeauty ➡️ Lock-It-: hydrating-primer, concealer creme M19Cool, Foundation Medium 56 neutral, Brightening powder Golden, Makeup setting mist, 🖤💕Pastel Goth Pallet shades:Clementine,Meow,Dope, Metal Crush eyeshadow: Thunderstruck⚡️💄Everlasting Liquid lipstick: Backstage Bambi @ilovepacifica ➡️Dream big mascara @houseoflashes ➡️Iconic, white lash adhesive @lunatick_cosmetic_labs ➡️Contour Pallet @starcrushedminerals ➡️Queen of hearts glitter ✨ Tools: @katvondbeauty ➡️Lock-it- Brushes @furlesscosmetics ➡️COUTURE BASE ESSENTIALS KIT @beautyblender Original Shirt: @compassionco ➡️”VEGAN” 

My sister: @makeup_mars and I attended this year Imats L.A 2017🙌🏼 it has been one of our goals to attend for years!!!

First Booth we attended to was 🐰 Cruelty-Free company @Sauceboxcosmetics and got my hands on their 🌱Vegan-Friendly Pallet Called “art nouveau palette”

Second Booth we went to was @KatVonDBeauty a 🐰Cruelty-Free company with tons of 🌱Vegan-Friendly products!! I meet the entire lovely KVD Team🙌🏼and they are all animal lovers 💕❤Yassss!!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take a picture with the entire team 💔 this Booth was super busy!!! Thank you sooo much for all your help!!! 

I’m here with @juscallmetara 

I’m here with @iamleah

I’m here with @lipstickittty 

I’m here with @sstrazzere

Next Booth we went to was @feralcosmetics AND GUESS WHO I FOUND!!!!!

I finally meet one of my lip swatching  👄idols @missjazminad !! 🙌🏼

Feral cosmetics is a 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free beauty company!

Thank you @missjazminad 💕🙈❤🙌🏼

Up next I found Melt cosmetics 🙌🏼 non other than @Lizzy_lawless working the booth🙌🏼

Next up I found 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free brush cleaners 🙌🏼

I also found the @houseoflashes Booth 

I got my hands on the new 🌱Vegan-Friendly “iconic Lite” lash along with the white adhesive glue that is amazing!!!

I also found @thelipbar who are 🌱vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free 🙌🏼

I also got to see YouTube guru @alatorreee 🙌🏼❤ which is always amazing!!!!!!! 

Last but not least I got to see the talented @argenapeede work his magic and create a clash of glittering Captain Planet/superman hero bodypaint.


Imats L.A🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Guide

Hey Beauty Family 💕❤Here’s is my 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free Guide to 2017 @imatsofficial Location: L.A

🐰Cruelty-Free Companies with 🌱Vegan-Friendly products:

@KatVondBeauty Booth #707

@DoseofColors Booth #3019

@AnastasiaBeverlyHills Booth#329

@theBalm_cosmetics Booth#711

@BDelliumtools Booth#606

@Royallangnickel Booth#300

@BHcosmetics Booth#312

@Houseoflashes Booth#6006

@inglot_usa Booth#406

@jouercosmetics Booth#821

@mehronmakeup Booth#607

@gleam_melanieMills Booth#315

@sauceboxcosmetics Booth#515

@Sugarpill Booth#4001

@tartecosmetics Booth#622 (parent company Kose)

@NYXCosmetics Booth#219(parent company L’Oréal)

@frendsbeauty will have @meltcosmetics @CrypticCosmetics Booths#5001&519

Naimies will have @Girlactik Booth#129 

🌱100% Vegan Companies:

@misscasanova Booth#3013

@thelipbar Booth#3014

@Ardell_lashes Booth#3006

@Beautylish will have @Jeffreestarcosmetics Booth#818

@naimies will have @limecrimemakeup & @coverfx booth#129 

@feralcosmetics Booth#108

Hope this helps❤💕!!!Please choose Cruelty-Free 🐰and 🌱Vegan beauty🙌🏼 🚨I will be updating this list❤constantly 

Instagram: @Veganmakeupshare