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Vegan Cuts

🌞Goodmorning IG Family🌞

After 9 YEARS of purchasing from @VeganCuts and really loving what they are about 💓, purchasing from their marketplace and being a subscriber to their Vegan Beauty box🙌🏼 I have decided to become an official brand ambassador 🙌🏼

@vegancuts Has provided me with a few ambassador referral links. I get a very small percentage from each referral❤️and you get a small discount!!!! ➡️You don’t have to use my links unless you would like to support me. Thank you very much!❤️

As always I’m 100% transparent with you all✨

➡️I been HESITANT for YEARS of saying yes to becoming a brand ambassador and using Referral and affiliate codes for YEARS! And YES even not charging a rate for my modeling work!!!🙈 I know right… Because let’s be honest😫some people out there don’t care and will try to SELL you anything so that they can make money!!!! Some huge YouTubers, beauty bloggers, beauty influencers content creators definitely do this!!! I won’t be able to quit my full time job at all & ofcourse I’m not relying on this to survive bahahahaha 😹but it would be nice to for ONCE in my life to do all my research,blogging and modeling work and actually get some percentage to atleast buy kitty litter every week with 😹

➡️ Vegan&Cruelty-Free Beauty Box
 ➡️ Vegan&Cruelty-Free Makeup Box

 ➡️ Vegan Snack box 

➡️ MarketPlace

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Crystal Sanchez

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Ofra Cosmetics

On August 10,2016 Ofra Cosmetics was certified by Creestaaal to be a 100% 🌱Vegan & 🐇Cruelty-Free Company 🙌🏼

Some of the common concern was:

Silk peptides were addressed below⤵️

@makeup_mars was offered some type of discount code that gets you 20%off!!

➡️Code: MARS

➡️ Ofra Cosmetics

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If you would like to use this information for any social media outlet please don’t forget to link me as it’s always nice to give credit where it’s earned. Please don’t be shady. Thank you ❤️


Some of these Links are affiliate Links Which I can make a very small commission percentage Through.You truly don’t have to use any of my links unless you would like to support me in this way.I would greatly appreciate it so much though, as it would definitely help me and my fur babies out or any animals I end up helping out. Thank you so much♥️

Zuii Organic

🐇 Zuii Organic is a Cruelty-Free Beauty Company with many 🌱Vegan-Friendly Products. Here is Zuii 🌱Vegan-Friendly List(They have Marked then as follows)

➡️X=Contains Carmine

➡️#=Contains Beeswax 

➡️What is Left blank on the Right side of the rectangles is what is 🌱Vegan-Friendly

Thank you sooo much Zuii Organic for providing me with a list so that we can all check out your products🙌🏼 

Zuii Organic US 
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August VeganCutsBeautyBox

August Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Yesterday I showed you ALL the unboxing and my favorites from the August @vegancuts ➡️ #VeganCutsBeautyBox 🙌🏼  on my Instagram ➡️ @Veganmakeupshare

So here’s a wayyy Better picture 🤗 Favorites: 

@ilovepacifica ➡️Color Quench Lip Tint

👄 @yestocarrots ➡️🍅 Detoxing charcoal Facial Wipes

 @dermae ➡️Purifying Daily Detox Scrub

🙌🏼 Never before encountered are: @gandgorganics ➡️ Lavender&Bergamont Organic Dry Shampoo

 @adorncosmetics ➡️Mineral Loose illuminiser Sample 💅🏽 (But I did Follow them on Instagram before 🤗How exciting!)Excited to start my Birthday Month with lots of my already favorite products and a lot of new ones too🙌🏼 Always 🌱Vegan&Cruelty-Free🐇 

Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram ➡️ @Veganmakeupshare to support all the hard work I do every day to end animal testing ✊🏼❤️

Agua Fresca de Fresas

Agua Fresca de Fresas
Fresh Strawberry water


* 1case of Strawberries (Organic the better)
* Agave Nectar/ or cane Sugar
(organic the better)
* Water (Depending how much your making)

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Fruity! Pancakes

Panqueques de fruita


(Photography/Cooking: Creestaaal
Products: sooo many)

Fruity! Pancakes


Prep time: 20mins
* 1cup flour (whichever kind you prefer That has no animal byproducts)
* 1 tablespoon sugar (I used organic cane sugar)
* 1 huge banana
* 1⁄8teaspoon salt
* 1cup Almond milk
* 2tablespoons olive oil
*Fruit (Whichever you want I used
4 Strawberries & handful of blueberries)
* 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract ( your choice)
* Vegan butter ( I used: Earth Balance  vegan butter)
* syrup ( I used: Bee Free Honee )

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Papas bien fritas

Papas Bien Fritas!
( Photography:Creestaaal
For: @Hispanicvegansofig)

Papas bien fritas!
Ingredients: Ingredientes:

* Tomatoes/ tomato (2) -Jitomate
* Onions/onion (1)- Cebolla
* potatoes/ potato (1 large)- papa grande
* Garlic (2 cloves)-Ajo
* seasonings of your choice
( my choice: cumin, garlic salt, onion powder, Italian seasoning, seasoned salt) ( cumin, sal de ajo, polvo de cebolla, polvo italiano, sal sasonada de polvo)
* Grapeseed oil ( cooking oil of your choice) -Aceite de uva


* Pan/s pot/s: Low heat pour grape seed oil.
Pongan aceite en hoya.
Chop: Hagan picadillo:
Chop all ingredients:
Tomato/ jitomate
Onion/ cebolla
Potato/ papa
Garlic/s Ajo/s
* Place Onion/s on separate pan.
Pongan la cebolla en differente hoya.
* Place potato/es on separate pan.
Pongan la papa en diferentes hoyas.
*Pour all seasonings on potato/es
Pongan todos los condimentos en las papas.
Comon sense check on your potato/es frequently so they don’t burn!!!! Turn them over.
Porfavor usen sus instintos para que no se les quemen la papa/s


* Remember the sliced tomato/s?
Se acuerdan del jitomate?


* Put them to cook in the same pot with the onion/s after about 30 mins in medium heat.
Pongan el jitomate para que se cocine con la cebolla después de 30 mins. Cocine el jitomate y la cebolla en lumbre mediana.
*Make sure your flipping those potato/s.
Acuérdate de mover las papas.


* Take out potato/s when done. Make sure to use a napkin to place at the top of the plate.
Pongan una servilleta arriba del plato y pongan sus papas arriba de la servilleta.


Enjoy your little Vegan easy meal! Add whatever you want! Like ketchup, bbq sauce ect.
Provecho! Con su Platillo Vegano chiquito!!¡!

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Simple Burrito!!

Simple Burito!

(Photography/Cooking: Creestaaal
For @Hispanicvegansofig)

Simple Burito
*Tortilla de maiz
*Frijoles de la hoya
* Jitomate
*Queso Alternativo de Daiya Foods
Daiya Queso

*Mantequilla Alternativa de Earth Balance
Earth Balance Mantequilla
* Mayonessa alternativa de Follow Your Heart
Follow Your Heart Mayonesa
Note: Are you a Latino/a
Hispanic/ Vegan?
If so follow my Food Ig:
To spread awareness about veganism

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