100% Truly Cruelty- Free 🐇Beauty Companies List

100% Cruelty-Free Companies List🐰
💭 Note: This List will be constantly updated.
What does Cruelty-Free mean?
Cruelty-Free in the beauty industry means A Company that does NOT Test on animals!!!NOT to be confused with Vegan🌱companies
  Testing on animals is OUTDATED!!!
💭 This is my personal list on companies that are Cruelty- Free🐰
➡Remember to always Vote with your 💸 money. Only UNITED✊🏼can we end the suffering of Animals for Beauty products.


The FDA (The Food and Drug Administration (FDAor USFDA)

hasn’t established absolutely any regulation for what 🌱VEGAN or What a 🌱Vegan Product is.. Therefore I personally as well as other Vegans Define 🌱Vegan products as as a product that does not contain any animal products or by-products, or Derived “Ingredients” and has not been tested on animals by that company or their “Affiliates”


The FDA regarding of the term Cruelty-Free or Not tested on animals. “The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.”

But to US Cruelty-Free 🐇Means Absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING

By the company or its “Affiliates” 

Hope this helps EVERYONE!!! 

Love you lots ❤️


🐇 Wet’ N Wild Beauty-🌱

➡️ Wet’NWildVeganFriendlyList

🐇 Milani Cosmetics
🐇 Melt Cosmetics
🐇 Kat Von D Beauty-🌱

➡️ KVDBeautyVeganFriendlyList 
🐇 Anastasia Beverly Hills
🐇 Too Faced Cosmetics-🌱

➡️ TooFacedVeganFriendlyList 
🐇 Medusa’s Makeup-🌱

➡️ MedusasMakeUpVeganFriendlyList

🐇100 Percent Pure
🐇 Acure Organics
🐇  Coloured Raine-🌱

➡️ ColouredRaineVeganFriendlyList 

🐇 Good dye young
🐇 ColourPop Cosmetics-🌱

➡️ ColourPopVeganFriendlyList 
🐇  Melanie Hills Hollywood
🐇 S.W.Basics
🐇 Lippy Girl MakeUp
🐇 Dose of colors
🐇 Sugarpill

🐇 ELF Cosmetics-🌱

➡️ E.L.FVeganFriendlyList 

🐇Manic Panic NYC-🌱

➡️ ManicPanicVeganFriendlyList

🐇 Black Radiance

🐇 Flower Beauty

🐇 Hard Candy

🐇 Paul Mitchell

🐇 Physicians Formula

🐇 Not Your Mothers-🌱

➡️ NYMVeganFriendlyList 

🐇 Zuii Organic -🌱

➡️ Zuii Organic VeganFriendlyList

🐇 Milk Makeup-🌱

➡️ MilkMakeupVeganFriendlyList 
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