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WetNWildBeauty 2018 Product Launch

WetNWildBeauty 2018 🌱Vegan-Friendly Product Launch Guide

WetNWildBeauty just Launched their NEW Campaign called ➑️Breaking Beauty which will be challenging the norms in the beauty industry starting January 2018.

As many of you know WetNWildBeauty is a 🐰Cruelty-Free beauty brand.

Before goingvegan I used TONS of WetNWildBeauty becauseit was accessible. 9 years ago I started living a vegan lifestylebut not till 2012 when I startedmodeling I realized that beauty products were testedon animals and that lashes and brushes had animal fur.

That’s when @veganmakeupshare was born on instagram.

Sooooo here’s your 🌱Vegan&🐰Crueltyfree guide to WetNWildBeauty NEW2018 ProductLaunch.

Color icon eyeshadow collection Eyeshadow Single ➑️ Sugar

➑️ Nutty

➑️ Mesmerized

➑️ Panther

➑️ Brûlée

➑️ Envy

Eyeshadow Quad

➑️ Lights Out

➑️ Hooked on vinyl ➑️ Walkingon eggshells 10-Pan Eyeshadow

➑️ Comfort Zone

Glitter single

➑️ Bleached ➑️ Nudecomer

➑️ Groupie

➑️ Brass

➑️ Toasty

➑️ Spiked

➑️ Karma

Dewy face primer

➑️ Till Prime dew us part

Mega last lip color

➑️ Never Nude ➑️ Rose the matter

➑️ Smooth Mauves

➑️ Violets Kiss

➑️ Black Out

Mega last liquid catsuit metallic lipstick

➑️ Once in a bronze moon 🚨 Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walmart

Mega last liquid catsuit matte lipstick

➑️ Behind the bleachers ➑️ So noir cool

➑️ Lavender Crown

➑️ Toffee Talk

➑️ Loose change

➑️ The shade is teal

➑️ Caramel Cake

🚨 Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walmart stores

Pro brush line

➑️ All Brushes are 🌱Vegan&🐰 Crueltyfree

Mega cushion Foundation SPF15 ➑️ All are 🌱Vegan&🐰Crueltyfree Mega Glo Hello halo liquid highlighter

➑️ Go with the Glow

➑️ Guided Glow ➑️ Goddess Glow

➑️ Halographic

➑️ Halo, Goodbye

➑️ Halo Gorgeous

🚨Available on WetNWildBeauty website and only at Walgreens

🚨🚨🚨 All products listed are available on WetNWildBeauty website starting today!

🚨🚨🚨 Starting January 2018 in all your local major food stores, drug stores, and mass retailers unless otherwise stated.

Thankyou sooo much WetNWildBeautyfor having us at your breaking beauty productlaunch event πŸ–€

Don’t forget to tag me to your pictures because I would love to see what everyone gets!!!!! Hopefully this guide helps everyone πŸ’—

– Creestaaal Sanchez aka @veganmakeupshare