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Garden Editorial

Wow Today my international publication with @jutemagazine turns 4 years!!!!Holy Cow 🐮 Where has time gone??🙈Thank you Facebook memories for reminding me😹♥️ {Magazine: @jutemagazine Vol.VIIIpart2 📸Photography: @snapsstudio 🎨MUAH: @muatonyyanez (myUncle)

✨Creative Director: @amandagift (She got inspired by my #Veganism and all my props were Organic and I eat them all😹Your the best Amanda!!!)

💁🏽‍♀️Model: @creestaaal @veganmakeupshare } {Just A Little Note: @tartecosmetics Is a 🐰Cruelty-Free Brand certified by @peta Let it be noted that Tarte Cosmetics’s Parent company is KOSÉ a Japanese PC who does test on animals. Although Tarte itself does not sell their products in the Chinese market where Animal Testing is required. I personally stopped supporting Tarte once the Acquirement happened because unfortunately the brand and PC couldn’t answer my questions and as you can see I was a huge customer which unfortunately for them made me withdraw my support from their products💔

If a brand cannot answer their own customers questions/concerns regarding their Acquirement in my Personal opinion that just sucks!We live in a capitalist world&unfortunately most brands will continue to sell out to the same PC we are boycotting.Whether it be food, makeup&clothing.Yes it’s very frustrating!Its a Catch-22(“a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.”)

For the animals we are trying help.

I say support your indie brands& truly Cruelty-Free&Vegan brands first&if you want to make our lifestyle accessible4everyone else then you can support the others if you want.Progress over perfection.Do whatever you can.We all have different situations happening inour lives}

Vegan Street Fair 2017

Vegan street fair 2017

I attended VSF 2017!!!! Woohoo 🙌🏼!!!!

I had such an amazing time!!!! I eat sooo much!!! And the venue was big enough to fit all who attended!!!! There was soooo many 🌱Vegan& 🐰Cruelty-Free vendors 🙌🏼 

In 2015 VSF hosted 44 vendors and it hailed on us 🙈 this year not only was the venue big enough for all of us but there was 150 vendors!! From food to clothing to beauty!!!

30k people showed up to LA VSF this year and I was shocked to see sooo many people interested in the vegan lifestyle!!! I wanted to cry!!! This means less Cruelty to animals is being done and I’m sooooo happy about it!!! Veganism or a plantbased life is on the rise and I couldn’t be happier!!!! 

This year I once again wrote on the suggestions for VSF to bring more Vegan and Cruelty-Free beauty vendors and I was ecstatic to see that my suggestions came true🙌🏼  Thank You VSF!!!

Here’s the Vendors Map and sponsors of this years VSF.

Here’s the ➡️ Vendors LA list

Here’s the ➡️ LA Menus 

Although I wasn’t able to go to every both😭 such a bummer! And most Booth where sold out by 1 pm🙈 I did however eat enough vegan bite size food to have to definitely walk it off!!!

First stop!

Had to take a selfie at the VSF Red Carpet!

Second stop!!!! 

Trejos Tacos!

➡️ Roasted Cauliflower Taco

➡️ Seared Carrot and soyrizo taco

➡️ Young Jackfruit taco

My favorite  was the Young Jackfruit taco!!!!

I literally ran as Fast as I could once I read that there was a vegan funnel cake!!! I haven’t had a funnel cake in over 8 years!!! This funnel cake was called ➡️The Works from Scandylous Delights!! It was sooo amazing 🙌🏼

I ran as fast as I could to try SubZero(which was on the other side of the street🙈) ice cream they made their ice cream in the most different way too!! With liquid nitrogen😆

➡️ Ice cream in giant waffle cone.

My boyfriend Johnnnys cone➡️ Roasted coffee

mine was ➡️Vanilla Raspberry 

These were sooo bomb!!! And perfect for the heat 🔥☄️☀️wave we caught at VSF.

Next we hurried to Your Vegan Friend and I wanted tamales and a concha but unfortunately they were out of them😭

But I did manage to enjoy these treats🙌🏼 

➡️ S’mores Bar

➡️ Cookie sandwich 

Both amazingly delicious 😋 

I really wanted to try out Southern Fried➡️ Cheeze burger Mac n cheeze and ➡️ Fried Chickn waffle fries soooo I eat them and by these time I was soooo full!!!

I was able to squeeze one more treat 🙈 by ➡️ Heather Foods ➡️ Key Lime Pie

This was sooooo goood guys!!!!!!🙌🏼

I proceeded to find the 🌱Vegan&🐰Cruelty-Free beauty  booths! I gave sneek peaks on my @Veganmakeupshare Instagram Story

I found Feral cosmetics!!!

Here’s a sneek peek of their new Limited Edition satin shade 💄➡️ Rose by Goar

I been testing out Feral cosmetics liquid lipsticks and they are pretty amazing 😻

I also found Antiquity BC!!!

➡️ Lemon+Verbena Soy candle 

➡️ Lavender & Loofah soap

➡️Bath Bombs Hawaiin Lei & Pink Sugar

I been following them for awhile on Instagram and I was soo happy to meet them in person 🙌🏼

I also found a NEW indie company by the name Ahimsa Essentials!!

I got my hands on:

➡️ Aroma Pod compact diffuser 

➡️ Sublime natural deodorant key lime+Bergamont 

Last but not least I meet a NEW nail polish company as well!

Honey nail glam

At first I was like.. Honey? Honey isn’t vegan🙈 as I asked them this beauty lifestyle question their representative explained that their nail polish smells sweet.

None of their nail polishes contain honey🙌🏼

➡️ Honey Gel top coat

➡️ Sweet cuticle Oil

Now for the last few hours of my amazing trip at VSF I stopped by a few of my Favorite Vegan Fashion booths 

Compassion co

I been purchasing most of my vegan gear from compassion co for years now and I definitely had to stock up on new gear🙌🏼

Next stop I went to Power Co and stocked up on some Vegan Flair my my studded vegan pleather jacket 

(Candid by @laurenbdoeslife)

Last stop of the day I went to BeetXBeet and purchased my animal liberation fleece pants 🙌🏼 I’ll have full pictures.. later because I been wearing them almost the entire week for every occasion 🙈 bahahahaha 

I saw lots of friends I haven’t seen in 3 years and I was beyond happy to see my IG Family!!! If you have pictures with me don’t hesitate to tag me so I can see them!!! I took tons of pictures with you all and I would really love to post them💕❤😻 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my lil amazing adventure at This years VSF🙌🏼

I’m here with Vegan mua @yaviviartistry and getting the best Photobomb by @theveganzombie 

Chilling when there was barely any seats left🙈 after all the amazing vegan food!

Here pictured @we_are_all_everywhere_forever

@mariexvx and my Boyfriend Johnnny and I 

My Vegan straightedge Krew🙌🏼 I missed them sooo much!!! Missing sooo many! 

Pictured: @being_accepted

@mariexvx and I

@mariexvx and I 

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Pacifica Beauty Red&Gold Get the look!!

❄️Seasons Dreaming❄️Gold&Red Look for @ilovepacifica #motd ➡️ RoseGold Brightening primer

➡️ Dreamy Cover Foundation ➡️Solar Complete mineral power Pallet ➡️ Aquarian Gaze mascara ➡️ Devocean 💄Firebird ➡️ stunning brows ➡️ Natural minerals pencil *Bare

➡️Perfect Lotus

➡️ Sundreams lotus *Glow/SunKissed ➡️ Blushious *Camelia ➡️ Transcendent concentrated correcting Concealer ➡️✨Highlighted Cheeks ➡️Gold Lids➡️Classic Red Lip ➡️Make-Up Tip: Spray/dip your brush into a tad bit of water 💦 to activate the minerals in the Gold shade in the Solar Complete Color mineral pallet Link:➡️ Creestaaal’s Holiday look  ➡️Buy any 3 products from this look and Save $5.00 

Silver hair MOTD

Silver hair MOTD

Grrrr I’m always Against Animal Testing ✊🏼#motd @ilovepacifica ➡️Rose Gold Brightening primer serum➡️Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation in Natural/Medium ➡️Transcendent concentrated correcting concealer in Natural& Light ➡️Sheer Golden glow Golden Lotus highlighting powder➡️Power of love palette ➡️Perfect Lotus universal powder➡️Blushious➡️DreamBig Mascara ➡️ Stunning brows in clear gloss➡️ Magical multi-Pencil✨ @anastasiabeverlyhills ➡️Dip brow Pomade in dark brown @crypticcosmetics ➡️ Gore Couture 👄 @ofracosmetics ➡️Rodeo Drive✨(Code:MARS30GetsYou30%OFF This is @makeup_mars Code🙌🏼)

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Fall Look🍁

Fall MOTD 🍁🍂

🍁”Natural Beauty” MOTD @katvondbeauty Lock-It-Foundation ➡️ Medium 59 Neutral ➡️ ConcealerCreme in M19Cool ➡️ Translucent Powder ➡️ Hydrating Primer ➡️ Serpentina Pallet Shades: Hieroglyph, Queen, Bloodmilk @ilovepacifica ➡️Stunning Brows in Clear ➡️ Magical pencil ➡️Dream Big Mascara @johnnyconcert Eyelighter ➡️Tragic Magic (🚨Launching Today 08/15/16 This has a greenish undertone✨) @ladybugjane ➡️Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm in 🍓 

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Blue Waterfalls

Blue Waterfalls


Look of the day
Natural look


For today’s look of the day I was going for a very Natural look!


Here’s a closer look!


Product Visuals

Blue Waterfalls
Natural Look
Luminous Primer
HD Lifting Concealer
Pacifica Beauty
Natural Ultra C C Cream
Transcendent concealer
Eyes Lips Face Cosmetics (Contour) Baked Bronzer
(highlight) Baked Eyeshadow
Pacifica Beauty
Enlightening Shadow Pallet
Lady Bug Jane (Lip Prep)
Pacifica Beauty
Devocean Lipstick in Tenderness

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