Deodorants that Work for me!

Hygenie is very important to a lot of us.
My quest for the perfect Deodorant has been so long!!!! I’m still on the quest to find “The Perfect Deodorant”
Top 4
Starting with numero #4
Kiss My Face


Kiss My Face Cucumber Green Tea Active Life has been my deo for a very long time! It lasts on me personally 8 hrs or so before I have to reapply it.
👉 Love the smell
👉 Does not feel gross
👉Does not leave White marks
👉 You can get it at Sprouts
👉 It does not last all day
Numero #3
Tom of Maine


    Natural Confidence
In citrus zest
It lasts about 9 hrs depending on the weather or how hot my body gets
👉 Clear
👉Dries fast
👉Does not feel gross
👉You can get it at your local Walmart
👉 Last long
👉Does not last all day
Numero #2
Schmidts Deo


Bergamot Lime
This Deo has lasted 10+hrs and I wore it at work at a very physically demanding job and it works! I have also worn it in 100 degrees weather and it barely started melting
👉 Smells good
👉 Melts with your body after a few rubs
👉Stays on long
👉No white marks after it melts
👉Its in a tub and I have to use a stick
👉 Once it melts a second time it melts all the way
👉 Does not last 24hrs
Numero #1
North Coast Organics


Omfg!!! This vegan Deo last 24 hrs!!!!
👉Last 24hrs
👉Smells good
👉Recycled Upcycled container
👉Leaves a bit of white marks residue

Note: All reviews are based on my personal reviewing for months.
Hope this posts helps!!! ☺

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  1. I’ll have to give Revolver a try!! Great article/post!! Finding Vegan and cruelty free deordorants is a much more difficult task than one would think. 😘

    • 💞💕💓💖 Heck yes and everybodys body is different! Thanks grrrrl

      • I just ordered some of the North Coast Organic deodorant after reading your blog post….Can’t wait to try it and I like that it comes in an actual “deodorant” container thingy….Most I’ve used are messy so this will be a nice change 😉

  2. JastunnaNaturals

    Thanks for this post I’ve been on a quest for a deodorant … No luck so far.

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