Ion Color Solutions

Ion Color Solutions


(Photo by Ion’s website. Screenshot by me)
Ion is a Cruelty-Free Company🐰
With Vegan Friendly products🌱
Ion also marks which products are Vegan and free from Animal by products or derivatives.
Thank you Ion! 👏


(Photo from Ion’s Website. Screenshot by me)


(Photo from ion’s Website. Screenshot by me)


Eight years ago I started buying Ion products from my local Sally’s Beauty Supply.
I was soo amazed that five years into it Ion started labeling which products are Vegan friendly which makes it a lot easier for us the Vegan Consumers👏.
I immediately started supporting all their Vegan options and seriously Ion has helped me keep my hair! I’ve gone through lots of color hair changes and damages from extream bleaching to get my hair super white to going back brunette for jobs.
Ion vegan friendly products have saved my hair! 👌
Today I decided to check out my local Sally’s Beauty Supply store and to my amazement Ion now has Cool blonde shampoo and conditioner!!!!!! I am solo excited because its like the purple shampoo! It brightens and tones White, silver, and blonde hair!!!!! Its Vegan and Cruelty-free and Paraben free as well! This should be a game changer for me and I’m definitely super excited about this💖💖💖💖🎉👏👌.
I will be updating this post to see if it can reach my hair goals!.


In this Editorial MuaTonyyanez used Ion color solutions Firm Hold Shaping hair spray! Not only was it not sticky yucky like some hairsprays or super hard crunchy it was the perfect hairspray ever that I have used!👌

Check out their full website to check out all their products or just pop into your local Sally’s beauty supply!
Update: March 29,2015

From this new email update :

I have gotten that this company does not know where there ingredients are gotten from…

And they said ” Finish product may not be tested on animals” May not??? Do they just not know? There is definitely miscommunication between there representatives.👎 Unfortunately because of this email I will no longer support Ion Products. I will finish using my products and find ones that align with my beliefs.

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