Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2015

Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2015


Vegan Street Fair!
..”A Bite-Size Vegan Journey for Your Taste Buds”..

Los Angeles Vegan Street Fair
Sunday March 1, 2015      |     12pm-6pm
Weddington St & Bakman Ave- North Hollywood, CA


About Vegan Street Fair Los Angeles 2015

Vegan Street Fair is an annual vegan food celebration where local vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants and vendors come together to serve you bite-size portions of vegan eats all in one place.  The best part?  All bite-size portions are $3 max and entrance is FREE.  At VSF, you get to nosh on as many local eats as your heart desires (and your belly can hold) for street fair prices.  So instead of buying a $10 plate of vegan nachos and sitting out the rest of the amazing food experiences, you get bites from one vendor, move on to the next, and enjoy all of your city’s BEST vegan eats without getting full for a fraction of the price of a regular meal.  VSF is the true vegan foodie dream-  EAT ALL THE VEGAN THINGS.


I was invited to officially be a Vegan blogger for Vegan street fair los Angeles 2015 first annual event!


My badge is soo awesome!!!


This was my Makeup of the day look for Vegan street fair!
Who was there?


Since the company’s inception as a family business in 1975, AFC believes the values of a family are what make a solid foundation; that living a healthy lifestyle starts off with what you put in your body; and how generational changes may arise but to never forget to reflect on classic traditions.  By promoting the health benefits of soy through product innovation and sponsoring community events around Southern California, the company strives to educate consumers and pass on the vision of living a healthy lifestyle to the future generations to come.AFC uses only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in its products and sources non-genetically modified organisms (NON-GMO) soybeans grown in the United States.  In addition, the organic soy products produced use only Certified-Organic soybeans.  Furthermore, all of the soy products manufactured have no additives or preservatives.  AFC has been in the food industry for nearly forty years and is well known in the Asian-American community, but it is the company’s goal to introduce the goodness of soy to all other communities nationwide.
Contact information
AFC Trading & Wholesale美美食品公司4738 Valley Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90032Tel: (323) 223-7738Fax: (323) 223-8450
What was served


Pudddinggggggg! I loveeee pudding soooo much!


This soy pudding was almond soy pudding and it was sooo good!
I definitely need more!


Azla Ethiopian Vegan Food

When all six of Azla’s children transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle over a decade ago-she began modifying traditional recipes to accomodate their growing health consciousness-without sacrificing flavor and heartiness.  Azla’s Sunday dinners became a focal point for friends and extended family, and she dreamed of one day extending her love for cooking beyond her family’s dinner table. In the summer of 2013, head chef Azla joined forces with her youngest daughter, Nesanet to open the first Ethiopian restaurant in South Los Angeles. Azla’s culinary expertise and commitment to traditional wisdom is complemented by Nesanet’s extensive studies and work in the education, wellness, and marketing industries.  Nesanet’s training in Biological Sciences at Stanford University and UCLA, her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and yoga instructor certification greatly inform ingredient choices and food preparation techniques at Azla. Azla vegan offers inventive interpretations of traditional Ethiopian fare, drawing upon the best of California vegan cuisine with an emphasis on local, organic produce.  In addition to serving delicious, nutrient-dense food to Angelenos, Azla’s mission is to inspire a return to the ceremonious nature of breaking bread with friends and family, while offering convenience and easy access.
Contact information
3655 South Grand Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90007
phone: 213.745.7455
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try this bomb Ethiopian vegan food due to the lines were just to huge.
What was served
Mini Ethiopian burritos made with gluten free Ethiopian flatbread filled with delicious stews and greens. Vegan chocolate truffles made with our signature chocolate berbere ganache.


Vegan fashion
BEETxBEET is a vegan focused graphic t-shirt line here to save the planet one vegan at a time. Spreading healthy propaganda, our commitment is to bring awareness to the general public about conscious eating and the environmental issues surrounding food. We give the vegan community a voice through cool fashionable t-shirts. Who knew vegans didn’t have to be so serious? Creator Jacky Wasserman is a graphic designer, vegan and DJ living in Los Angeles. The meaning behind the company name is that we can all help make the world a better place one healthy choice at a time. Since music and food are such a huge part of Jacky’s life, she came up with a name that had sort of a play on words to relate to both passions in her life.


Thank You VSF!Wow, what an amazing turn out for Vegan Street Fair! I was shocked at how much support the vegan community of LA showed even during the cold rainy weather.
BEETxBEET is a vegan focused graphic t-shirt line here to save the planet one vegan at a time. Spreading healthy propaganda, our commitment is to bring awareness to the general public about conscious eating and the environmental issues surrounding food.


Save an animal eat a plant!
At the Beet X Beet Apparel booth!


the razor tank top that says:
Tofu Bishes!


Tofu bishes


Best Gumbo in the Hood
After 20+ years of studying, sampling, and perfecting my gumbo recipes, I now share my gumbo with others through my company, Best Gumbo In The Hood. My Vegan Gumbo debuted in July 2014 at the First Annual Vegan Faire in Anaheim. Downtown Santa Ana (DTSA) Farmers’ Market vegan and non-vegan patrons have sampled and purchased the Vegan Gumbo (considered the “New Tradition”), which is made of traditional flavorful roux and does not contain any animal products. My gumbo is available for purchase.
Unfortunately the lines were too enormous!


When we moved to Los Angeles in 2011, we scoured half the state looking for palatable vegan cheese. We found nothing, which was surprising, considering we basically moved to vegan heaven. Everything in the stores tried so hard to be a replication of dairy cheese. This was disappointing, because we knew that approach doesn’t work. Vegan cheeses never melted right. They either tasted sour or bland instead of sharp and savory. The textures were never close to matching dairy cheese. As is always the case with imitations, nothing was very appetizing. That is a lesson that we learned long ago, and it guides us whenever we step foot in the kitchen. When we started the journey to make our own vegan cheese, we knew we had to make something that was true to itself and delicious in its own right. We re-imagined vegan cheese as its own thing, and not something that pretended to be something it is not. We knew we would not sacrifice deliciousness in the name of creating a “better imitation”. Why do so many people like dairy cheese? It’s creamy, savory and sharp. It can vary in texture and it pairs well with all sorts of food. Those are great characterstics for a food item to have, so we tried to create something with those qualities, just with healthy vegan ingredients. We take great care in choosing the ingredients. Due to the legality of a particularly nasty pesticide, Endosulfan, in many cashew-producing countries, we have an unyielding commitment to using only organic cashews for our base. We also believe that food tastes better whenever you know where it’s coming from, so we always source naturally, organically and locally whenever possible. We care about connecting with people through food. We hope that when you enjoy our food, you will be able to experience the joy, the passion, and the love that we put into making it. We’ve heard our friends say that our cheese is “addictive”, and we take that as a compliment. But, to be honest, “addiction” doesn’t mesh with our philosophy. We hope you can mindfully share in our creation. But if you just want to devour our yummy vegan cheese, we totally understand 🙂 Be well,Maxi Mueller & Doug MeyerCo-FoundersBlöde Kuh Artisan Vegan Tree Nut Cheese
What was served
Cashew-based cheese with gluten free pretzel crackers.
There was two lines and it started raining! I definitely still would love to try this cashew cheese!


Bramble BakeShop
Bramble Bakeshop is an online vegan bakery specializing in custom cakes and small sweets in Los Angeles. We provide a sustainable yet delicious option with an emphasis on unorthodox flavor combinations and a unique interpretation of the classics. Our treats are made with certified organic flour and sugar and we utilize local produce and spices whenever possible. Everything is made from scratch and devoid of highly processed ingredients. We strive to provide every birthday with a cake, every holiday with a treat, every wedding with a centerpiece, and everyone with a scrumptious, guilt-free option.Bramble was founded by Miel Bredouw. She began her professional career at 13 with her own specialty dessert company. She had her first restaurant job by 15, and continued her working education through the next nine years, including time at the acclaimed Natural Gourmet Institute in vegan pastry. She was most recently a sous chef at Mohawk Bend. Miel is a lifelong vegetarian and has been vegan for seven years. Originally from Orcas Island WA, she now resides in Echo Park with her dog, Roux.
Bramble Bakeshop is an online vegan bakery specializing in custom cakes and unique sweets.


In front of the Bramble Bakeshop booth when the weather was super hot!


This is a churro cheesecake!
Omfg this is seriously the best way to have a churro! Like a cheesecake! I want more!

Broke Hungry Vegan

It all began in Brittany’s kitchen…
Cruelty-free since 2005
Brittany went vegan when she was 17 years old. There were no restaurants in her city that she could eat at, so she had to make all of her own food. It started off rocky, eating a lot of french fries and burritos but eventually turned things around and took a healthier approach to her meals. She would later become a bartender and bring her own lunch to work as she could not eat anything at most of the places she was employed. Customers would ask questions about the kind of food she was eating and she was more than happy to share with them. The customers would then ask her to make food for them all the time and although she enjoyed feeding them, it was breaking the bank so she had to start charging them. This is when she decided she wanted to feed people on a larger scale, introducing people to a healthy vegan lifestyle and to start catering. Since the business started in August of 2014, it has been growing substantially; catering business meetings, parties, showers, weddings, and participating in vegan fairs!

Broke Hungry Vegan is making their public debut at Vegan Street Fair with some amazing food to shove into that beautiful face of yours!
Unfortunately lines were too big but would love to check out Broke Hungry Vegan.

Charlie’s Brownies

Charlie’s Brownies serves the finest dairy free and gluten-free gourmet brownies. We use no preservatives or artificial flavors, only a blend of organic ingredients and home-baked love. Our brownies are built especially moist to deliver “The Ultimate Brownie Experience.”
Bummed I missed brownies!


I completely missed this Vegan gum! I couldn’t find it with all the lines intermixing.

Clean South

Vegan comfort food, minus the meat: fried chicken, buffalo wings, potato salad, coleslaw, Hoppin’ John, and more!
Colbaaar was bummed about this line we waited 30 mins and it hailed! Would love to try them!


Devine Dips

Omfg the bombness Ice cream sandwich
Divine Dips Vegan Ice Cream


Donut Friend


Omfg the best donuts I’ve ever tried! I need an entire box for myself!
What was served
Miniature Vegan Donuts!
Note: Donut Friend has Vegan friendly donuts the ones with the V are Vegan.

Doomie’s Home Cookin’
Doomie’s had fried oreo’s and they  absolutely bomb!

Handcrafted Artisan Junk Food.


Follow your Heart
Follow Your Heart® Market & Cafe has been committed to providing delicious vegan natural foods since 1970. We started out as a seven-seat soup and sandwich counter in Canoga Park and now, Follow Your Heart® products are available internationally.
They had new cheese! Omfg it was delicious!


Healthy Organic Positive Eating WE MAKE WITH LOVE ❤️

Health ‘n Spice

Introducing One of A Kind, Savory Lentil Waffles- Waffle for any time of the day, enjoy it with your favorite topping or sauce, eg, cilantro sauce(chutney), marinara sauce, vegan chilli, grilled vegetables etc.We have 4 different flavors- spinach lentil waffle, jalapeno garlic lentil waffle, cajun lentil waffle and savory lentil waffle.Gluten free, GMO free ingredients, high in protein and good source of fiber. A delicious wholesome meal for any time of the day.

image< a href=””>HugosTacos<<<HORIZO TACOSSoft corn tortillas filled with spicy soy chorizo grilled with diced potatoes & zucchini. Topped with onions & cilantro. Choice of 3 salsas: tomatillo-jalapeno, salsa negra or habenero.<<<ed that I missed this!! Soo bummed!

Hummus Republic

At Hummus Republic our leaders strive to provide nothing short of the best for our customers; One republic united with one goal: to serve easy, fresh, healthy and delicious food to all.

Ihsan’s Falafel

Vegan, organic, gluten-free, hand-made Sudanese style falafels.

image< a href=””>India Jones Chow TruckAbout SCHEDULEMENUABOUT USCONNECTBOOK US  (310)310-3964

India Jones Chow Trucks are gourmet food trucks serving authentic Indian street food throughout Greater Los Angeles and Beach cities. The well respected Chef Sumant Pardal, the owner, hails from a family of restaurateurs in India and has been cooking for 38 years. Over the years he has owned & operated several restaurants in Los Angeles, including the famous East India Grills, Tufaan & Tiger Lily and has long list of accolades. Now, at India Jones, he specializes in Indian street food, particularly frankies: a roti is wrapped around fillings like lamb, paneer and mushrooms to form what the Zagat Guide’s blog calls “the Indian equivalent of a burrito.” His famous butter chicken, a mild tomato & cream curry served with rice, is also a staple of the India Jones menu.The 2nd annual Vendy Awards brought together seven street vendors from around the city for a day of food and competition at Pan Pacific Park. Chef Sumant Pardal of India Jones Chow Truck, a mobile operation dishing out Indian plates, won the event’s ultimate recognition of sidewalk talent, the Vendy Cup.<<<met Food Truck serving Street foods and Curries from India.

image<<<e we’re sooo bomb!

Jones Soda

Joni Marie Newman

-Spicy Korean BBQ Jackfruit tacos topped w/ a sesame cabbage slaw green onions, cilantro & Creamy Sesame Sriracha sauce served on a toasty corn tortilla from Joni Marie Newman’s book Fusion Food in the Vegan Kitchen.-Flaky fish-y tacos made w/ seaweed infused rice, topped with radish relish, dill-y tartar sauce, & pepita pignola sprinkles served up on a toasty corn tortilla from Celine Steen & Joni Marie Newman’s upcoming book The Complete Guide to ‘Even More’ Vegan Food Substitutions.

Les Beaux Chocolats

Les Beaux Chocolats has a simple philosophy: Our delicious artisan chocolate confections & chocolate truffles are handmade using the freshest & purest ingredients. Everything is made from scratch, using no artificial additives or preservatives. Our factory is peanut free & gluten free so that everyone can enjoy our gourmet chocolate confections. Les Beaux Chocolats’ unique chocolates include a complete vegan line & every product is certified kosher. All of our products are also soy milk free

Life is Sweet Bakeshop

Hand-crafted organic, vegan baked goods!

Luscious Organic Desserts

We are a local baking company offering top quality, gourmet desserts using only the finest all natural and organic ingredients with no hydrogenation, no refined sugars, and no bleached flours. All of our delectable treats are made by hand in small batches. We can accommodate special dietary needs.All of Our Delectable Creations Contain Organic, Unbleached, Unrefined and Non-Hydrogenated Ingredients, with No Cholesterol! So Treat yourself sweet, enjoy something Luscious today!

Main Squeeze Lemonade Truck

Main Squeeze sells a variety of fusion lemonades shaken up cocktail style, or blended thick for an extra refreshing texture. Every glass is made to order, and never prepped. Lemons are freshly squeezed so you know you’re getting the real thing. After all ingredients are added, the product is shaken, not stirred, to ensure the beverage is chilled and that all ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the fresh lemon juice.

Mimi’s Natural

Our ProductsCandied PecansGarlic Fire AlmondsCosmic Chocolate AlmondCoco Almond Oatmeal Bars

Mud Hen Tavern


Om-Brosia offers vegan catering, weekly prepared meals and education/coaching that is divinely fresh and culturally delicious. We are currently serving the LA and DC Metro Areas. Stop by for recipes and a mouth full of om-brosia!

One Veg World About One Veg World<<<alues<<<lue our health, the health of our patrons, and the planet! We take our values into consideration with each dish we create, prepare, and serve. With excellent quality ingredients and a complete vegan environment, we believe we can serve food that is good for your health and has great taste.We are focused on creating an enjoyable culinary experience that will be benefit your health, the world’s animals, and our environment.

Our Future

At One Veg World, our desire is to create a vegetarian experience that people will enjoy. Our enthusiasm for our vegan creations and our passion to bring healthy food options to the world will continue in the years to come. We are excited when we receive positive feedback from vegetarians, non-vegetarians, and people who are simply health conscious. We clearly envision offering the world our delectable foods, affording others the opportunity to experience great vegan cuisine.<<<eg World Grilled Teriyaki KabobsFresh Spring Rolls with Peanut SauceAssorted Vegan Desserts.

image<<<hilly cheese steak! Bombness!

Organix< a href=””&gt;image<<<n spicy black bean burger!<<<e left

image<<<vorite jack fruit burger!<<<led pork” burger< strong>What was served PUERCO SANDWICH-Vegan Pulled Pork CASTRO BURGER-Vegan Spicy Black Bean Burger.

< strong>Plant Food For People< a href=””&gt;image<<<iflower ceviche  with tapatio!<<<ously delicious!!

image<<<e “carnita tacos”<<< with jackfruit!

image<<<efinitely going back!<<<cious carnitas style Jackfruit tacos.

Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine

Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine is excited to attend Vegan Street Fair to share our delicious vegan pizza bagels with you! At Rachel’s Cosmic Cuisine, our products are always 100% vegan, made with nutritious ingredients, and show compassion for animals and care for our environment.


RAWFIV5 is a natural energy snack created with five raw ingredients, by two vegetarian military veterans, who wanted to help raise awareness of how much sugar we should consume on a daily basis.Navy Veteran David Robles and Army Veteran Michael Alexander are committed to continuing their service by supporting non-profit organizations that are educating the public about daily sugar consumption. RAWFIV5 is made with 5 natural raw ingredients, no preservatives, and no added sweeteners.<<<ually got to taste these and they were soft and very yummy!

SageThe kind sage< a href=””&gt;image<<<falo wild wings” made with cauliflower

image<<<olate truffle with cinnamon<<< delicious.

Southern Fried Vegan

Southern Comfort and Festival Foods Loved by Vegans and their Carnivore Friends!

Sub Zero Ice Cream

Sub Zero vegan frozen desserts and ice beverages are made fresh, fresh, fresh and frozen right before your eyes using liquid nitrogen (essentially liquid air). Dessert flavor combinations are endless using almond, soy, rice, or coconut milk and a host of mixin choices! Come and be entertained while your vegan ice cream dessert is prepared for you on-the-spot.

SunCafe Organic Cuisine

SunCafe is a celebration of food prepared in their natural state. Our chefs start from scratch with freshest organic ingredients to create rustic World Cuisine for the liveliest, most flavorful food you may ever taste.

The Herbivore Clothing Company

Herbivore has been making compassionate people look good since 2002. We design and produce tees, hoodies and more for discriminating plant eaters. Always sweatshop free, always good looking, never not awesome.

The Karma Baker

The Best Vegan and Gluten-Free Desserts You Have Ever Had. Our bakery is dedicated Vegan and Gluten-Free and Organic. “Karma Baker makes Vegan fun!”

The Rabbit Hole Cafe

2 item: Vegan Shepherd’s Bites Quinoa Citrus Salad with Cheshire Kraut & Curry (v) Chick’n Salad.

image< a href=””>Ridiculous Baking<<< Best 100% Vegan, Organic Bakery. Mixing Old World techniques with Plant Based ethics. The Ridiculous Baking Co. So Good, it’s Ridiculous!<<<eed! The German chocolate cake!

image<<<hugah Mama

I make vegan, gluten free, and soy free cookies.

Vegan Pizza

Vegan corn dog anyone?

Vegans Rock Apparel

Vegans Rock Apparel offers a selection of high quality vegan themed clothing and apparel. A portion of all sales go support Rocky Ridge Rescue.


Create aWEARness by getting yourself one of Vegetaryn’s stylish shirts & eco-friendly reusable tote bags!

Whole Foods Market Glendale

image<<< but not least Whole Foods Market a company that employs many vegans and carries soooo many vegan products in each of it’s stores.

image<<< was when it was drizzling at the Vegan street fair, as you can see it was very crowded! I actually ended up on the floor a few mins later! Because ppl were pushing alot.<<<e next years Vegan Street Fair venue will be alot bigger! It was amazing seeing sooo vegans!


image<<<r the hail and rain<<<o by @VeganBeastMode<<<‘t wait for next years Vegan Street Fair!<<<: Due to the massive lines and weather I unfortunately wasn’t able to check out every vegan and Cruelty-Free booth! I’m soooo sorry!.

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