Sweet Earth Foods

Sweet Earth Foods Vegan friendly Burrito’s


(Photography: Creestaaal
Products: Sweet Earth Foods)

Sweet Earth Foods
I’m in love with all the Vegan friendly products that Sweet Earth Foods has made for it’s Vegan friendly consumers!


(From Sweet Earth Foods website)


Big Sur Breakfast
I loveeee this breakfast burrito its for on the go! You can microwave them if you are in a rush!
This was my first ever burrito that I had tasted from this Vegan friendly company that I meet at the Natural foods expo in Anaheim.


The Kyoto burrito
This vegan friendly burrito is sooo good! I basically got this burrito for free! When Sweet Earth Foods sent me coupons to buy their products at my local Target! How awesome is that?!.


The Anasazi burrito
(This burrito didn’t last either I eat it soo fast)
This burrito tasted Amazing!
Is my second favorite burrito of Sweet Earth Foods! ❤


  The Curry Tiger Burrito
(As you can see I eat it already)
Omfg! Seriously dude’s and Dudet’s! I love all the Vegan friendly burrito options that Sweet Earth Foods has for their vegan customers! I was sooo happy that Sweet Earth Foods took the time to send me coupons to continue to support their company at my local Super Target!. This burrito in particular tasted like authentic Indian food!
No con’s to any of these burritos!
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