Amy’s California Veggie burger

(Image from Amy’s)

(Image by Creestaaal
For @Hispanicvegansofig)

* Amy’s California Veggie burgers patty (comprando en Target)
* Pan para hamburgesas veganas
( cualquier que no tenga huevos ni leche)
* Cebolla
* jitomate
* ketchup organico
* Lechuga
* mayonesa ( que no tenga huevos. Follow your heart )
* Pepino
Bueno probecho ❤
* Amy's California Veggie burgers Patty ( it's vegan)
* Hamburger patty bread ( any that don't contain eggs or milk)
* onions
* Tomatoes
* Organic ketchup
* Lettuce
* Mayonnaise ( any brand that dosent contain eggs or milk. Example: Follow your heart)
* Cucumbers or pickles
Put it all together and Enjoy<3

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