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“Creestaaal Sanchez Photography by @Snapsstudio MUA: @Muatonyyanez”

Dear Beauty Family!!!

Here’s a little bit about me if you want to know!
I really do preferred to be called Creestaaal ™️ Sanchez.

I was born in California on planet Earth🌎
I’m Mexican American and very proud to be a Latinx.

I’m Pro- Immigrants Rights.
I’ve always been an Animal Lover and didn’t make the connection till somewhere around 2007-2008,(a bit earlier possibly)but as of now that’s what I’ll be basing when counting the years when everyone asks me, but I recently found older pictures and I was already vegan 😹 so who knows 🤷🏼‍♀️ of the exact date 😹. This is when my journey to the Vegan🌱lifestyle started. I have also been StraightEdge my entire life.

I started professionally modeling in 2011-2012 in hopes that I can help change the Beauty/Fashion industry to a more compassionate industry. While I started modeling I started educating the masses on Vegan🌱& Cruelty-Free🐇Beauty/ Makeup products i also joined Instagram social media outlet and that’s how @veganmakeupshare ™️ was born. Im an Internationally published model, Blogger/ Influencer/ Content Creator and Everything I do is to spread awareness in hopes that anyone with a heart can live as compassionately as possible without any harm to any Animals and this Earth🌎
Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog!

Thank You for supporting me,I greatly appreciate it!💖

Social Media Platforms:

@VeganMakeUpShare IG

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Creestaaal Website

I’m a Fur baby guardian to these rescue Fur babies🐾:
Pepper 🐱

13 community Cats that I’m currently TNR-ing:

Clementine 🐱

Oreo 🐱

Whitepaw 🐱

Venus 🐱

Fluffy 🐱

Onyx 🐱

Tabby 🐱

Calico 🐱

Orange 🐱

Would you like to work with me?

🚨Now Accepting Affiliates Codes to donate proceedings to Animal Rescues& pay my own rescues vet bills& rescue bills.

✨Rate information upon request

  1. Mariana Martinez

    Hi Creestaal!!

    I was so excited to find you in Instagram. It’s really awesome that you are sharing all of your knowledge of vegan beauty products.

    I have very dark hair and would like to color my hair silver/grey/lavender. Similar to the way you’ve had your hair. What is the best way to go about achieving this hair color? Obviously I would like to use vegan products and get the best results.


    • Good Morning Mariana Martinez, I’m still trying to figure how to get my hair color back to normal its been a struggle! I would go to a professional because my sister did mine and we damaged it a lot! We bleached it 3times in one day and I have allergic reactions to all bleach. What I been using was ions bleach with manic panic virgin snow to tone it, but if you don’t get the orange out when you use blue steel it won’t grab the silver. Its been a struggle and its been damaging. Its a lot harder with vegan and cruelty products, since there’s not a lot out there to help us achieve the gray color! I wouldn’t recommend it if your not ready to damage your hair. I hope this helps! And Thank you for following me on instagram💖💞. Also I been using a purple shampoo delorenzo but you can only get it in Australia unfortunately!

  2. Thank you sooo sooo much for awarding me with the Unsung Vegan heroes awards! I’m still in shock and very humbled!! Thank you to every Earthling that took part in putting all this together!!! It brings tears to my eyes reading all these amazing stories! Thank you so much for including me to be part of the Unsung Vegan heroes awards!
    One Struggle One fight!
    Sincerely for the Animals!,
    Creestaaal Sanchez ❤

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