Milk Makeup

Milk makeup


Milk Makeup has gained 🌱Vegan brand status🎉

Milk makeup is a Cruelty-Free🐇Company with many 🌱Vegan-Friendly Products List of what’s Vegan below⤵️

✨Lip products:
➡️Lip Marker 

➡️Lip Color

➡️Lip + Cheek

➡️Oil Lip Stain

➡️Balm Tint 

➡️Oh Snap Mini Lip Colors Kits 

✨Eye Products:

➡️the Eye Marker

➡️Eye Vinyls

➡️Tattoo Stamp 

➡️Ubame Mascara  

✨face products:

➡️Our Concealer (stick)


➡️Matte Bronzer

➡️Face Gloss

➡️Cooling Water

➡️Hydrating Oil

➡️Sunshine Oil

➡️Charcoal Cleanser

➡️Sunshine Skintint

➡️Holographic Stick 

➡️Urban Defense Face Masks  

✨body products:

 ➡️Natural Deodorant is vegan

Thank you Milk Makeup for providing me with this list🙌🏼

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Don’t hesitate to spread awareness but please Link me on all my research and please Give Credit where it’s Due Thank you❤️ 

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