Interview with bunny loving KATHLEEN

Vegan Models
image (Image by Kathleen for @VeganModels Instagram)

Vegan Bunny Loving

VM :What is your name? Kathleen Truffaut
VM:  Are you vegan? Yes, I am vegan.
VM: How long have you been vegan? I’ve been vegan for over six years now.
VM: Why did you start modeling? My primary passion is writing – ultimately, I want to write and direct my own films – but I had a massive writer’s block about five years ago. I stumbled across an old classmate’s Model Mayhem page and thought that I would give modeling a try; I figured that I could use modeling as an artistic outlet instead since I wasn’t writing.
VM: What are some difficulties you have encountered as a vegan model? With the freelance and artistic nude modeling that I do, I thankfully haven’t encountered many challenges when it comes to my veganism. I bring my own clothes to shoots (of the ones that actually involve clothes, hehe). The few times I’ve been styled by a designer, I’ve made it clear that I don’t wear anything from animals, and they’ve all been very respectful of that. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky! I also tend to not wear makeup when I model; on the rare occasions that I do, I use makeup that I’ve bought and made sure is vegan!
VM: Have you been published? As far as I know, I’ve been published in a book of freckled models (Freckles by Reto Caduff) and a zine (Clear Nude, with the photo of me by Kirk Anderson). I say “as far as I know” because sometimes photographers will submit photos of me that they’ve taken and never tell me about it, haha.
VM: Why did you become vegan? I went vegetarian first at 17. My partner at the time – who is vegan – showed me a slaughterhouse video, and I immediately stopped eating meat. I transitioned into becoming vegan over the subsequent two years, as it seemed like a natural progression towards treating animals, the earth, and people much better (not to mention my body).
VM: What are your social medias? I have a blog: I also have Instagram under @kathleentruffaut.
VM: Where are you located? I reside in the beautifully sunny but always complicated and never boring city of Los Angeles.
VM: What are your life goals? One major thing I’d like to begin with is my documentary that explores the mental health benefits of a vegan diet – I’ve been in research mode for about a year now, but it’s always difficult figuring out how to find money to film something. That’s one film I really want to get out, as it’s a topic that the psychology community hasn’t really researched much yet. Aside from that film, I intend on writing and directing narrative films that not only feature people of all different shapes/sizes/backgrounds but also infuses my feminist/vegan/anarchist beliefs in a way that will hopefully reach folks with open minds. In short, I’d like to make the world a little less shitty in what ever way that entails.

Photographer: Maria Larios

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