Interview with TheCraftyPinUp

The Crafty Pin-Up

(Image provided by: The Crafty Pin-Up
Creestaaal image by: Snapsstudio)


VMS: What  is your Instagram accounts/Name? My IG name is @Thecraftypinup.
VMS: What is your Name? My real name is Megan Keossaian.
VMS: Are you Vegan? Yes, I am vegan. I’ve been vegan for the last year. And I was a vegan for a year-  two years ago.
VMS: Why did you choose the compassionate lifestyles? meat became flesh and not food in my mind. I decided to cut it out and stop adding demand to the meat industry. Less money= less murder.
VMS: What does Cruelty-Free mean to you?Cruelty free means that it does not cause harm to anyone or anything. I am 100% cruelty free with my makeup, my skincare, haircare, and household cleaners.
VMS: Do you have any other social networking media’s? Facebook- but it’s just for family and friends.
VMS: What is your favorite color? My favorite color changes a lot. Right now, it’s orange. Either pumpkin or tangerine.
VMS: Where are you based off from/ location? I was born in Portland, Oregon but I live in Los Angeles, CA now.
VMS: What are your current favorite Vegan products/ Vegan companies/ Vegan Make-up? My current absolute favorite vegan products are Celestial facial moisturizer by Lush, 9 to 5 cleansing lotion by Lush, all the liquid to matte lipsticks by Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and every piece of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics makeup that I can get my hands on. ❤️

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